Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chikkybabe, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. yes another problem...

    my husband was doing me a FAVOUR, and moved my clones into direct sunlight and fried them all.....

    i actually cried...

    can i take some now??im about 4 weeks into flowering??

    needless to say hes not allowed to tuch my shit ever again...
  2. they were only 1 week into soil...about 3 weeks since i clipped them..

    there was no saving them im afraid...they were burnt TO A CRISP!

    how long will my clones now take to turn back to veg??
    my guess is 3-4 weeks....and i assume they will take longer to root???
  3. you can take the clones from the very bottom of the mother, preferebly ones without a full blown flower, if it all possible. it will take you a good month to a month and a half before they are back to veg. sorry about your loss, but you can still pull it off, youll just be set back by a couple of weeks.
  4. thanks guys..

    the reason im so pissed off is coz they WERE under fluros...he thought they could use a bit of sunlight...and they were in organic/perlite/vermiculite mix but covered in glad wrap to keep it with the sunlight going thru the plastic it just cooked them...30 deg C yesterday here!!

    id like to try and do something with whats left of them but they have just like evaporated into a little brown

    never mind...ill take sum new ones from the bottom today....

    what else is gonna go wrong???

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