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  1. Question.

    I have grown before, but mostly outdoors. I'm doing my first indoor grow. I found a hps 400w kit last year. Until now, I had no time to build a grow. Wife lost my ballast in her cleaning. Women.....

    Well now I have, and just 3 plants.

    I kept them outdoor during the day, then 12 hrs under cfl at night.

    They grew well, now looking very nice.

    But now I'm switching to flower, 7 to 7.

    What I've been doing the last few days is putting them under the sun for the morning hours. Usually 4 hrs a day. But in my neighborhood, I can't keep them out all day, they've gotten bigger and a snooping neighbor with binoculars could easily see these are mj plants.

    So how will this work, 4 hrs of sun in the am, and an additional 8 under cfl?

    I've done this the last two days. No flowering yet, but that'll take a couple of weeks.

    Does the 4 hrs of sun make up for the spectrum missing from cfl?

    Like I said, this isn't my first grow, but the first time I'm experimenting with this
  2. If anything the sun will help tremendously!

    Just make sure however you do it they get 12hours of darkness

    Doesn't matter if 4 hours sun and 8 hours Cfl or 2 hours sun and 10 hours Cfl

    As long as they get 12/12

    Only thing I would do is work them slowly into the sun.

    Maybe week 1 of flower have them in the sun for 1-2 hours then back inside

    Week 2 increase it to 2-4 hours in the sun

    You gotta get them use to the sun slowly or they can stress out on you
  3. Yeah, I burned plants once by starting them indoors full time, then throwing them into the real world. So I adjust slowly.

    These have been sun bathers since birth, so they should be good.

    I had them under light 24h. Half sun, half cfl.

    I've read, on some forums, that some people believe it messes the plant up by changing the light source. These seem to be doing well.

    I really wanted a full indoor grow. If I can buy another 400w balast on the cheap, I'll do that then. But until then, I am hoping they'll get all of the red spectrum they require in the 4 hrs during the morning I'm putting them out.

    Thank God I work from home full time, or I'd have no time to move the girls around.

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