sun systems reflector and glass

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by BenderBob, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I run an old style sun systems reflector and have a question about the glass for it. when I bought it years ago it didn't come with the glass and I haven't needed it till now. well now they don't sell the glass(or I just can't find it). Do I have to use tempered glass with a 400 watt Hps or can I just use regular window glass?
    I can get window glass fairly easy but I think tempered has to be custom ordered.

    oh and it will have a high volume fan keeping it cool.

  2. You don't want window glass, for two reasons: first, you want it tempered to be able to manage the heat levels, and second, window glass could be treated to block UV rays which you definitely want to let pass through the glass to get to your plants.
  3. ok great thanks

    I guess I will have to find someplace that sells tempered glass. I'm glad you said that about the UV because I didn't even think about that part.

    + rep even if it's just a gray box, it's the thought that counts. right!? :D

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