Sun spots? Pests ? Sick ?

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  1. Hey guys, let ny babies go dry for a couple days and some started showing spots of stress or like a pest has been eating away at them. Will I need pest repellant or just more attention for my girls? Thanks in advance [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] last pic is a type of fly that seems attracted to them

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    I've never heard of a fly damaging weed. I could well be wrong. Damn, they have gone to town on those leafs, whatever it is. Cucumber beetles will do that, if left unchecked. Any yellow/greenish "ladybug" looking bugs around- spotted or stripped?

    *except fruit flies, maybe?
  3. So insects for sure ? Problem seems to be spreading and getting worse but no signs of bugs

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  4. When I water, I try not to get any water on the leaves especially if its a hot day. Keep the water to the base of the plant.
  5. Nothing lady bug like just those flys, a lot of them now. And they are almost striped in the right light

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  6. Yes insects, Neem them before you have no plant to apply it to:)
  7. Forgot all about my reading up on neem oil and insecticidal soaps. Thank you for the reminder !!!

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