Sun screan or?

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  1. I want to line my carport greenhouse sides with a type of screan. What is the best stuff to use thats lets the most sun light in?

  2. Anyone got any tips?
  3. Im confused, if you want light why have a screen? Maybe a translucent plastic shower curtain or something
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    I want airflow to my carport grow and to keep the moths out. I seen carports grows with screen sides. I was thinking they were sun shades. I can find sun shades screen at HD but they block out 85% sun. I see greenhouses with shade screen as well. More so in the big commerical ones. I am looking for best cheap redneck screen. Moths and not wanting to enclose my whole carport in plastic for airflow and heat is the main reason.

    This link shows what I did last year. Moths got in and some bud worms got me. The setup will not be the same. The plastic cover will go down to about 4' on each side this year. This was 3 carports hooked togather for 60 feet total.

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