Sun Drying

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JDfarmgirl, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Quick question here: temp has been like plus 30 slightly windy and I was wondering if it would harm any to dry plants outside in or out of direct sunlight. As am hanging in dark room with small area fan on . Thank you

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  2. Sunlight will degrade the trichomes and cause loss of potency. How are they drying so far? Can you snap the stems yet?
  3. Let's put it like this...sun drying is how many cartels their weed. It's usually not shitty at first but this is just the first step of many that make it crap. You can dey outdoors if you watch for mold but in direct sunlight is a no no

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  4. My best friend and I our grows are attempted to be more organic. Most of the time we do sun dry. We use the method that shamens used for Salvia .S You would leave them out on a fairly warm night so they would absorb some moisture. It's a 3 day process. The first day is full sun. Then the whole night. Second day is half sun. If it's not done by the next day then full night. Just leave it out until it's dry and check on it. Any remaining moisture is practically just the moisture you would have in high quality street bud so very little. It does greatly depend on the temperature and sun exposure.

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