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  1. So I stayed up all night watching The Grow Show on I was just interested in what they had to say about growing. So I got to a particular episode and they check out a Canadian's grow setup. He's using some box's made by Sun Cell Grow Products. It's really interesting and intriguing what the host and the grower have to say about the product. So I figured I'd share the info with you guys.

    Here's the episode -

    and here's a link to the Sun Cell grow box.

    This may be the ultimate growbox for apartment growers. Though it is a bit expensive, it's got all the bases covered. It uses electric fluros compared to the regular magnetic, and since its fluros it doesnt have a heat issue nor power issue. You could set three of them up on a 15amp breaker. Has ventilation covered with a carbon filter. Light tight. And it WILL pay for itself if used properly. You could put this thing in your room, throw a blanket over it, then put a TV on top. As far as anyone is concerned its a fuckin table with a blanket over it.
  2. I can't watch pot tv (comp sucks) but I did go to the website....... What makes these boxes so much different from the other grow boxes out there? The carbon filter? Or just the type of floros they use?

    Not to totally knock the system but I just can't see spending 3,000 bucks on something that could probally build for way less than 500 bucks. Hell even the cheapest grow boxes I've seen are about 1,500...... I mean yeah the covience factor is great but the securitity issue is rough.
  3. Ok, so im goin through the video right now, and gonna quote some.

    You can fit 27 fluro tubes in there. You can mix and match between cool(w) and warm(w). The fluros used are electronic fluros compared to regular magnetic fluros. The biggest difference is, with the magnetic the cycling of the of the speed, the light flickers. Which isn't good for the plant. The electronic doesnt have the flicker, it's cycle is much faster. You can grow around 36 plants in each box.

    - It's silent
    - Air tight (aside from vent)
    - Light tight

    So heres some key quotes

    "Now if I were to have a set up like this and I were to run it off a thousand-watt light it would probably cost me 30$ per thousand-watt light. Now in a set up light this in electricity it only cost me about 15$ a month, and thats plus all the ventilation I need as well."

    ahh fuck it, he has a lot to say about the lights. You should take the time to download the file. It's worth the time. It may even convince you of their worth.
  4. Goddammit I tried to download it and it went zip zip zip downloaded. And then when I tried to veiw it, it still did that 2 seconds * stop * buffer * connecting * 2 seconds * stop * buffering * a second * connecting bullshit.

    I hate that too. I really want to watch it b/c I don't want to knock something b4 I understand it..... shit.
  5. Now I'm even going so far as to downloading realplayer just so I can watch the damn thing. Let it be know that dammit shorty tried.
  6. years ago before hid lighting (hps/mh/etc) became the norm if you wanted to grow indoors then basicly all you had to grow with was fluros. as well all know fluros dont grow tall plants well so people had lots of floor space taken up with lots of small plants, (sog) then someone had the bright idea of putting up shelves and stacking plants and lights on top of each other to get more sqft of space and grow more bud. that was known as shelf gardening.

    the sun cell is basicly just an old idea rehashed and put in a box with a filter stuck on the top.

    there are drawbacks to shelf gardening and they are the reason that it more or less died out, those drawbacks are still there in the suncell.

    if you notice hes growing white rhino and an indica, both of which are short stocky plants cus thats about all you can grow, try and put a sativa in there and it would outgrow it before it even started to flower. so your limited to what kinds of plant you can grow. also plant numbers have top be high, might be a problem with laws in some places with that.

    electronic balasts are the bollox, you can get them for hps aswell. a 600w electronic balast costs around £400 but shopping around will cut that price.

    the beauty of them is they run really cool, use less electric and with hps you can dial in your light level. what i mean is you can turn the ballast down so a 600 is running like a 400 or even a 250 and when its running like a 250 its only usin the power that a 250 would. it realy is a light that will take you from seed to harvest.

    flickering fluros are only a problem when you only have one tube, when you have more than one tube the tubes flicker at difrant times so give a overall steady light so no gain there.

    27tubes and im guessing that they are 40w tubes becuse they dont really tell us the watts just the amps (why?) well thats 1080watts. the yealds dont look so good now do they.

    that "gardener" didnt have any plants in full flower, i wasnt suprised, fluro buds are small and skimpy, i had a look at some other vids on that site and found some bud shots, i cant say id be happy with them buds if i had grown them under 160watts of fluro never mind 1080watts.

    basicly i think its a fukin ripoff and you would have to be on drugs to buy it.
  7. oh and shame the tubes are mounted to the roof and cant be lowerd otherwise it might make a handy little clone box.
  8. I think maybe you should do the research on the suncell grow box befor casting judgment!

    The suncell grow box is a great way to grow, I should know I have 20 of them running for the last 3 years in the same space.

    first off digital floros dont flicker as slow as the old magnetic floros so the plants dont know any flickering is going on, digital floros cicle at 60,000 times a sec so no problem there.

    I get 1.3 lbs out of each box so thay pretty much pay for them selfs if you know how to grow
    and if safity is a factor theres no safer way to grow, no smell, no RF noise and no heat signature from the cops to detect and no start up spike as well as a coco fiber charcole HEPA filter to kill the smell and lights that burn at 90o f- whats safer than that? all that and a low power i dont know why anyone wouldent buy one!

    think for your self, do the research befor downing someones work!

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