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  1. Trying my first cloning. Read threads for hours to see how. Cut, protect, trim, dip in cloning gel, place in starter pods, place inside large BBQ basting tray with clear plastic lid creating a humidity dome, place tray under T5 flo for 18-6 timing, be careful of direct sun but some is needed. OK: here's the prob. I put these girls in the sun for about 30 minutes and they fried! OK, so no sun on cuttings? what's the deal?
  2. 10 or 15 mins then put them in the shade.
  3. Make a CFL high humidity room for new clones
  4. I call mine the nursery
  5. I acclimated mine that way over a period of a few weeks in and out of natural daylight and artificial light then transplanted to one gallon pots. By that time there was enough daylight hours to leave them out all the time. It worked great in my experience.
  6. I've started over. Got a taller dome the type for Tomatoes, taller peat pellets to better hold the stems, and a temp/humidity monitor. NO direct sun this time, in the outdoor shade during the day and under a t5 for the night. Some in water, some in peat and some in jiffy cups I filled 1/2 way with Ocean Forest and half way with crumbled up peat plugs. Something ought to root out of all this. My water clone is sporting white bumps on the lower stalk today. I'm hoping these are the first signs of roots developing.
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