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Summons from the pigs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JointsOnly, May 5, 2011.

  1. I got into a little knuckle up with some punk and a few seconds into it, the pigs pull up and give tickets..>_>

    I didn't have any sort of ID on me, so they just took my word for whatever information they were writing down, which was a fake name and my old adress. My criminal court date for disorderly conduct is on July 12th, opinions? :mad:
  2. might as well go to avoid a bench warrant
  3. A warrant for a fake name and address? I mean, how could it possibly go wrong..
  4. if u didnt use your real name dont trip bout it lol
  5. I used the name that people call me, but on my actual birth certificate it's my name in my language written in english.
  6. I don't understand why people walk around without an ID! The officers that took your word for it are idiots. You gave them a fake name why didn't you give a fake address? If they want - although i doubt they will - they can find you by speaking with old landlord. Technically speaking you do not have a criminal court date; the fake name does though.
  7. You're off to a winning start already.
  8. if ur going to give them a fake name and address, why the hell would you give them one of YOUR old ones? give them a bs one, not one that was ever affiliated with you lol..
  9. But that is obstruction. It wouldn't take much of a detective to put the name and old address together. So while you MAY have gotten in trouble for the fight(depending on circumstances such as self-defense) you WILL get in trouble for the fake info if they catch up to you.

    Will they assign a detective to go to your old address and talk with neighbors who might know something of use? Not likely over a fight. CAN they? Yeah. AND you lied to them and pissed them off just enough for him to do the investigating on his own time. "cuz i GUARANTEE you he got his ass reamed.
  10. I wanted to make sure it was at least a real address because cops can tell if its a completely non existing address..when I told them the address, they immediately knew that it was an apartment too.
  11. Well then, they wouldn't have too much trouble getting your info from the landlord if it was in your name.
  12. First of all, this happened 30 minutes ago, so how would they even know I lied, and what can they even do with a fake name? I'm not that person.

    Nope, wasn't in my name. It was either my mother or grandmother, who even has a different last name.
  13. how did this happen if you gave a fake name?
  14. did you win at least?
  15. #15 budlover13, May 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 5, 2011

    Well, it obviously has to get into the court system before they will find out that your fake name does not exist. So, the next logical step would be to go talk to the landlord. And you said, "I used the name that people call me, but on my actual birth certificate it's my name in my language written in english.".

    So if they go to your landlord and ask "Does or did a *insert name* live here?"
    "Why yes officer."
    "May i see his rental agreement?"
    "Why yes officer."
  16. Umm, no? If you can read, you clearly can see that my name was never on the rent lease because I was a child at the time I was living there...
  17. Dude... fake identity is not worth disorderly conduct son
  18. For the record yes, I did win :D
    I only landed 1 hit to his lip before they stopped it because apparently they were already following us..He hit me on the back on my head though, I have a bump :(

    Dude... if it was anything more severe I would have been arrested and booked because I had no ID..
  19. yeah bro if ur gunna lie do it right lol... go to the hearing, since you gave them a kinda real name (to you) and a kinda real address if you go you'll only have a small charge..q

  20. No, definitely not.

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