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  1. Well I went discing today and it definitely reminded me that summer is right around the corner so I wrote this. Enjoy. :)


    It seems the summer always ends way to soon,
    No more long walks at night starin at the moon,
    Just basking in the sun cause it feels so good,
    Happiness is everywhere just like it should,
    The days are longer making everything worth it,
    Seeing little kids havin the time of their lives,
    The birds and the bees doin their own thing,
    Me just layin back thinking on what life may bring,
    But everything I like seems to stay in my dreams,
    So maybe I might get a cute girl to smile at me,
    Or maybe get just as lucky and win the lottery,
    Anything can happen with so many possibilities,
    The summertime brings out the optimist in me,
    Thinkin anything sad just doesnt seem right you see,
    Cause the sun brings out happiness and not its cousin,
    Sadness only happens when the clouds cry rain,
    Bringing everyones mood down in some kind of way,
    But as long as its summertime I know the weather will change,
    And will just have to wait for that next summer day.
  2. You should DEFINITELY move to Thailand. It's summer time all year around. :D
  3. haha no joke but I actually had a girl who lived over in the US for a bit ask me to visit her in Thailand over the summer a year ago, but I didn't know her that well so I had to say no.
  4. That's good that you didn't come to Thailand on her behalf...

    You're supposed to find the girl AFTER you get here, not BEFORE. Plenty of fish here. :D

    But you shouldn't come to Thailand just for the girls... there're plenty of other things to do here too.
  5. Yeah, I have seen some amazing pictures of waterfalls in Thailand, really nice scenery. I also agree with you on not going there on her behalf, besides I go to a University where 50% of the girls are pretty fit.

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