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  1. So for those of you in the northwestern hemisphere (Americas?) Summertime is quickly approaching if not already here! I love summer it is my favorite time of year. I get to chill out everyday (off school) smoke my cannabis with my good friends and enjoy the earth (or at least try to because it's being destroyed). What is everyone's favorite things to do outdoors in the summer, because I spend 85% of my time outside during summer.

    My Recipe for success

    Sunglasses+Friends+Cannabis+Clear mind+Willingness to do new things=Bliss
  2. I've spent at least five hours a day outside this month, nothing better than a natural tan.

    I love waking up, smoking a bowl or two, then tending to my garden and plants outside.

    Just this morning I was watering a few of my transplanted baby trees, and saw that a Marijuana sprout had popped up, I don't even remember planting one there. :smoking:
  3. Winter gets me kind of depressed =/ so summer is just a GREAT happy feeling for me!
  4. My Recipe for success:
    1 waking up at 12 or 12:30
    1 walk to the corner store and buy
    1 drink
    1 Big bag of munchies
    2 or 3 friends
    as much cannabis as you want
    eat and drink what was acquired at the corner store from before
    1 bike ride OR 1 long board ride
    then back to the house for music

    -------------------------------------How to assemble your success----------------------------------
    put everything in a your biggest bowl and stir it up and you have a big bowl of success
  5. nothing better than wake n' bake, get few things done around house/room while jammin to some phish or some marley --the truth-- "one love" - then hittin up few buddies share a few matches. next, ripstickin down park pathways, if you have not attempted to ride a ripstick, don't be discouraged! i highly recommend giving it a whirl! Diskin, frisbee, climbing trees, basketball, mountain biking, dirt bikes - all are a must! anyone know any fun and exciting activity to do during summer which will stir up some excitement? I'm thinkin ghost in the graveyard or something but the time has come where a new activity is due.

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