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summertime smokin'

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dc123, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Well it's summer now and all the smokers are getting high!!! The weather is awesome, bud is usually in, and friends are around. So my question. What do you all do during the summer after/while smoking? Some things I've liked this summer were going out on a boat straight fishing/smoking/drinking all day. Going to the beach obviously. My new favorite thing to do it play frisbee. It's so mesmerizing to watch it just float in the air. No, i'm not a hippie though lol.
  2. Summertime smoking is the shit. :D I live right next to the premier golf course in my area so in the evening when the course is empty I hop over with my clubs and bong, get high and practice my putting on the greens, fuck around on the driving range etc. Then I can just chill, smoke some more and watch the sun set behind the mountains.

    Living the life right now. :p Peace. :wave:
  3. I wish I could smoke more. My shitty job only gives me minimum wage and I always work the fucked up hours. I still find time to smoke and chill with friends though. :smoke:
  4. I'm gonna be smoking almost everyday as long as my supply doesn't go out :D going to movies wit some friends, going to parties on the weekend, going on walks in the forest, lighting off some fireworks. Man, this is gonna be an awesome summer!
  5. Drive in movies are always awesome. Swimming is also pretty awesome; provided that it is hot enough and the pool isn't 30 degrees. My friends and I play Frisbee as well, lol. I have to say, my favorite thing is when we're all sitting in the gazebo just sippin' on pepsi and passing the bong around.
  6. nice. Yeah I need to hit up some pools too
  7. Every day I rip my bong then play hacky sack at the park :D
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    +rep for that
  9. Camping <3
    And riding a bike... I love riding a bike after you just toked :bongin:
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    Totally agree^

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