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  1. Anyone going to Summerfest in Milwaukee (WI) this July?

    I'm going with a bunch of friends to see 311, but I just found out Medeski Martin and Wood will be playing at the exact same time! It sucks actually, I can't decide which one to go to, both would kick ass...

    anyone else gonna make it?
  2. ahhh you're right that is a hard choice, 311/mmw! try to run between the both of them? god... hehe

    there's a summerfest here in northern cali that the kottonmouth kings and other such bands are playing at... might make it if i have the time off of work but we'll see. have fun!!
  3. well I just found out my mean ole boss decided not to let me have the saturday off, so I guess that makes the decision a little easier... :(

    btw, long time no see ganjaphish, great to see you around again!!! :D
  4. haha, well I got out of work, and went to 311 yesterday, and let me say, it was fucking awesome.

    It was pouring out the entire time, but they played for 2 hours anyway, it was great... played some classics too, my stoney baby, flowing, feels so good.... it was a damn good show for $10..

    :smoking: and we were stoned the whole time, smoked like 10 joints at the concert

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