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  1. hey guys so i've been smoking everyday since school has ended, like 3 times a day, and i have a lot of summer work to do, but i can't seem to get it done even when i'm not high because i am still spacey. what would you guys reccomend for me to do? should i stop smoking for a while and let my head clear up. btw this is my summer work:
    read the jungle(book written in like 1905 about the meat packaging factory, not interesting what so ever)
    answer 30 open response questions about the book
    write a 5 paragraph essay about the main themes of the book
    outline the first 3 chapters out of a textbook
    read a book called opening skinners box.

    Also i vape too so it's not as bad as smoking but still, i can't get myself to focus while trying to read, i find myself drifting off thinking about other things. Maybe it's not the weed and it's just the fact that it's summer, and i shouldn't have to do work. During the year there was a point where i vaped every night before bed(sometimes before school but not often maybe once every 2 weeks) for an entire term and i had all A's and one or two B's so thats what makes me think it may just be that it's summer and i'm just used to laying back vaping a bowl and not having to put in any effort to do anything, but i don't know you guys help me out i have a lot of work i need to start.
  2. I would just pick a day and hammer it out all at once. Fuck reading the book, just skim it enough to answer the questions / write a few paragraphs.

    The more you let it linger over you the more its gunna suck. And once you get started it will get easier.

  3. I'm the type of kid that usually always reads the books the school assigns, not much of a sparknotes person but i may be for this book, i just don't know how i'll write a decent essay on it without fully understanding the book.
  4. The Jungle, isn't that like a 9th or 10th Grade assignment? :smoke:
  5. Not trying to be a dick, but 5 paragraphs isn't really long enough to say much of anything. Just pick 3 points you want to hit hard and give them their own paragraph, and toss on an intro/conc.

    Read the whole book if you want. I'm just saying you could finish all the work pretty quickly either way.

  6. im gonna be a senior, turned 18 in july so yes i was here when i was underaged but now im not, and it's for AP us history. Junior year we took excerpts from the book to analyze it.
  7. hey guys so i decided to sparknote the first 7 chapters, and i answered the first 10 open response in like an hour, and toked a bowl at the end. so i guess this is how i'll have to do it.

  8. Interesssstingggggg.............:eek:

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