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Summer Trip

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir fapsalot, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Ok this summer I'm going on a trip for almost a whole month I'll be staying in Arkansas for a week then West Virginia for a week and then Georgia for a week I'll be driving the entire time in a Chevrolet Avalanch and the entire covered truck bed will be full of luggage so I was thinking I could take some bud with me and put it in a bag in the very back of the truck bud in like the first bag I would load bc my thought is if I get pulled over try aren't gonna search every bag and go through an entire truck bed also I won't be smoking in the car at all so it won't smell giving them no reason to search I just was wondering what y'all blades thought
  2. If you drive carefully and don't draw any attention to yourself I think you'll be fine. However if you're in some really conservative area the police may profile you because of your out of state plates.
  3. I was coming home from college once and the border patrol set up a stop and nearly went through all of my bags in the back of my truck. Be careful. If anything I'd keep it in the cab of the truck, the bags will be the first place they look.
  4. Lol, I wouldn't put the car i'm driving on here. Now they know what to look for. Just drive normal and check you brake lights, before you leave. Police will pull you over for anything these days.
  5. Well I'm going to be in a very secluded part of those states so idk but I'll be with family also I've been on a couple trips like this before but didn't think about bringing any bud an I've never been pulled over or even seen a inspection
  6. Were you coming back from Mexico or something or was it in the us between states
  7. That truck bed is gonna get really hot. The heat might bring out the smell of the weed in your luggage and when u open the truck bed itll be like a little hotbox. I left a joint in my glovebox in 2 plastic baggies while i was at work and when i got in the car that night to drive home i could smell it clear as day. This happened to me twice and the smell went away immediately after driving with the windows down but be carefull..
  8. Nah my school is only 50 miles from Montreal. Border Patrol will sometimes set up a stop 50 miles down the highway.
    As far as I know, those stops that are 50 miles in(not at the border), are not 100% legal stops. They may be considered unconstitutional breaches of your 4th amendment right. You as a US citizen, once you have passed customs at the border, are supposed to be free to travel unhindered by unlawful warrant-less searches throughout the country. 
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    ^Yeah that's the idea, however DHS has gone wild and we almost don't even have a 4th amendment anymore. I considered giving them hell but I really didn't want to be searched (ha).

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