Summer Smokin

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  1. Most of you probobly know that summer time is prime time for smokin. I dont know why but for this summer im super stoked since im actually going to have a decent amount of money for ganja. Ill be chillen with friends and just havin a good ol time. I hope that it will be as good as i hope. Anybody else got a good summer planned or at least hoped for?
  2. cold beer + Fat spliff = everyday of summer!
  3. I wish but my summer job is strict on drug testing.
  4. Ya nothing beats summer smokin. Nothin like sittin outside on a nice summer night with a blunt in one hand and a beer in the other. Especially on a nice breezy night!
  5. Summer time, when the livin's easy.
  6. I box out my tent constantly and its amazing
  7. that shit sucks man
  8. my schedules pretty tight due to numerous golf tournaments but when I can i'm gonna toasted quite heavily :smoking:
  9. cant 4 days a

    gonna love it!!
  10. im going back home for the summer so i texted all my old highschool contacts and no one lives in that tiny ass town anymore. looks like im spending my summer with my rents, my sister, no bud, and the less than average girls. the only thing i can look forward to is catching up with some old friends and hope they got into the herb. i guess drinking a couple cold ones with the old man by the fire everynight isnt that bad.
  11. Nah im either gonna be locked up or on probation this summer. Probably not gonna be a lot of smoking for me.
  12. i never really liked smoking during the summer, too hot and annoying little bugs everywhere. Winter is my season
  13. Mondays through Thursday I will be sitting on my ass and blazing/ drinking
    Fridays thru Sundays I will be working
  14. sometimes during the summer my friends and I go golfing at this course close to us. I found out that i suck at playing golf blazed...
  15. Learning how to tattoo and bartend.Basketball.Surfing.Hanging with my son.Choosing a college for next semester.And working out.Beer pong takes a helluva toll on your abdomen area.:) oh yeah and perfecting weed brownies,firecrackers, hash infused candies!
  16. damn you just got it all figured out
  17. Unsuccessful summer fun is not the result of planning to fail but instead, failing to plan. And I like to think that I am a mission accomplished driven individual.:cool:

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