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Summer Saniterium

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. So who made it to summer saniterium, i went to the last one in the tour (i.e. san fran) and it rocked the house. Mettalica was asome and deftones was crazy to be stoned to. Limp Bizshit sucked and some one hit durst in the head with a shoe. Mud vain was ok but they didn't have any masks on :(. There was CRAZY amounts of reefer and i went there with two joints but by the end i had frobbly smoked like a 8th just from people hooken up the free hits. lots of boobies (ya) and drunk folks. The crazyist part though was that there was 9 fuckin mash pits at once when linkin park was playing.

    allso got a St Anger guitar pick and got it signed by Kurt himself and im thinkin of having it framed (wish he sighned my bong) any body else cath this kick ass concert?
  2. man you lucky fuckin bastard, one of my buddies called me up and asked if i wanted to go with him yesterday but it was my moms birthday yesterday so i couldnt skip out on my moms birthday dinner for a concert........ Was there any pyro or anything when metallica came on ?

    Did i mention your a lucky bastard !!
  3. sombody hit fred durst w/ a shoe!!! yes! thats awsome! haha, i really wish i could take credit for that!
  4. the pyro techs mostly involved white rockets, icanely loud cracker type things, and multiple 10 foot walls of fire that was all over the stage and on top of it. Fred durt actully played the song saniterium, i mean how lame is that , the name of the concert is summer saniterium and you know that mettalica is gonna play it but still he had to have a lame little version....any way he blew chunks. We herd from these guys that when he pllay chicago , they boed his ass right off stage cause pople threw shit at him and then he just blew his stack and started bithen at every one.
  5. yea...I hope you guys ever dare make it big, so people can throw shoes at you for simply being you..sigh

    I went, and everyone was coo, limp and linkin park and metallica all great.
  6. I was there, right in the front.

    And dont you mean the pick was signed by KIRK?

  7. no my buddy (i didn't) had a back stage pass and they sighned all the back stage passes guys shit if they wanted it. After the show i gave it to him to get sighend.

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