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Summer plans

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kesseler, May 10, 2011.

  1. #1 Kesseler, May 10, 2011
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    So tokers, the summer is coming up. What are you summer plans for toking? Here's mine :smoke: :smoke:


    one half oz of marijuana, dank of course :smoke: (not my photo)

    and of course


    oh and did i mention that's only the beginning :D Tell me about your summer plans!
  2. that weed looks awful.

    i needed this to get that image out of my head:


  3. Any better for you :smoke: as i said it isn't my pic
  4. work pretty much everyday to get some cash for college, and toke it up at night :smoke:
  5. summer long roadtrip with friends, workin odd jobs, sleeping in a van/camping, staying baked 24/7......gonna be a good one.

  6. fun, fun. being baked 24/7 is wonderful during the summer

  7. yeah, and it should mostly be no name dank and dispensary stuff, which is something of a treat. most of the time no name dank is hard to come by here, and medi rolls in once a month maybe.

    plus one of the friends im going with mentioned the possibility of hooking up with a fair for a couple of weeks. all id have to do is take tickets from people and run a ride for 8 hours a day (while totally stoned of course) and we'd get free food + rides on breaks. and it pays about $500/week all under the table so its not a bad deal. besides, working a few weeks as a carny might be a cool experience lol.
  8. I'm living at home this summer. Last summer I stayed in my little college town and worked. It fucking blew, and it turned out I didn't have anything to show for it by the end of the summer, except a few more months of server experience.

    I'm 21, freshly single, and soon to be employed. Also I have two ounces of mids to hold me and my brother off until we find a steady connect for good stuff.

    Gonna be a good summer, very relaxed I think.
  9. Chillen. lol seriously idk thats in a while. work, sleep, smoke, poop, shower, swim, work out, ride bike, ect.

  10. good deal :) And enjoy that med grade, it's pretty common around here, and I wish everyone could get dank *cough cough legalize*

    I will also be picking up a summer job, and of course getting to hang out with friends.
  11. really? doesnt summer vacation for schools start this month? i know the college in my town finished up in like 2 weeks at any rate.

    but good plans man, nothing beats those kind of summers
  12. toke up, play on my travel baseball team, toke up some more, go to the studio to make more music, toke up some more, listen to cudi, toke up some get the picture :smoke:

  13. Oo what kind of music do you make?

  14. I make hip-hop and acoustic mainly bro :D
  15. Work and toking :) Nice long break from school. Maybe hitting up San Diego lol.
  16. Why would you post a picture that wasn't yours and call it your plan for smoking? I'm sure a bunch of dank is everyones plan for smoking.....this was stupid.
  17. Blazing, disc golf, swimming, drinking, driving, work, golfing, reading, hooking up, grilling, chilling, smoking copious amounts of weed, tripping balls, spending time in nature, watching tv, playing video games, watching movies, watching the sun set, playing racketball, bike trails, eating edibles while sitting on a floaty in my pool while listening to oldies with a cool beer
  18. Last summer was straight AWFUL- started out with my best friend committing suicide and then another getting hit by a train a month and a half later. SO I'm determined to make this summer kick ass. Plan on drinking plenty of beer, smoking a ton of weed, swimming, tanning, roadtrips, concerts, camping. dlkfjwelkrjerj just gonna have fun and enjoy everything.

  19. Really sorry to hear about your friends :( Hope this summer is an improvement.

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