Summer plans, self realization, and Brazillian Jiu-jitsu

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  1. So, Ive been smoking lots of marijuana for a long time, when i went away to college this year i really started to smoke alot because it was pretty much the only thing to get me through going to classes. The other day a friend of mine mentioned that he was going to Brazil for a BJJ camp at BTT. Jiu-Jitsu has always interested me, and when he told me the price for the entire trip, I was pretty shocked at how cheap it was going to be. Its 1800 for the camp, hotel, transportation, extra activities and 2 meals a day for the entire 10 days it lasts. another 600 for airfare, not bad in my book. Since i got home almost a month ago, Ive really wanted to travel somewhere. A great oppertunity showed up, and not only do I intend to go and learn BJJ from some of the top fighters, Its really an oppertunity for me to get my life back on track. Ive been gaining weight from smoking and eating so much and just laying around. So in preperation I have already cut down on my marijuana smoking and have almost completley quit smoking cigs(used to be 2 packs a day, now down to like 4 or 5 cigs a day) Im starting to feel really alive, Ill never quit smoking weed, but ive realized cutting back isnt that big a deal.

    Basically I just wanted to make a post and tell everyone how im feeling, Ive always been a pretty depressed person, but right now, Im working out and trying to live a healthy life. I think that the steps Im taking are really having a positive effect on my life and i just wanted to share that with you.

    the camp has some top notch instuctors such as Murilo Bustamante, Rodrigo Antunes, Zé Mario Sperry, Bebeo Duarte, Eduardo Rios, and Fabiano Capoani. Also my friend who is going told me he sent an email to the camp asking if any other fighters would be there. They mentioned some names of people who train there daily and said that they will be around and helping out, he was pretty excited about some of the people(hes really into BJJ). Dont know if anyone has heard of any of the names i listed.

    So after all that, anyone else into BJJ?
  2. yea dude, that was my whole summer last year. i loved being in the dojo. idk about going to brazil but hell yea if youre up for it. i loved it, it was very fulfilling mind body and soul. bjj is fantastic. (except im rarely on the ground first in a fight, but its still handy to know)
  3. what does bjj and btt stand for? and how does self realization fit into the picture is jiu-jsitsu really into spirit ideas ?

    besides that, i bet your going to have such a blast. it makes me want to do something this summer, maybe travel around...
  4. Same here man, I found the oppourtunity to cut back to after my mom walked in on a smoking sesh. Instead of Jujitsu, I am going to get a third part time job so I can have money for the Bahamas later this month, and college next year. Good luck cutting back, just make sure you are busy all the time.
  5. I used to do a lot of Martial arts, BJJ included... that sport is totally insane. One of the roughest things I've participated in.

    Good luck my friend, and have lots of fun!

  6. BJJ stands for Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, and BTT= Brazillian Top Team, the place where i will be training. Like many other forms of martial arts, BJJ deals with alot more than the physical aspects of fighting and being able to beat your opponent. Most dojo's will only give you the next belt, when they feel that you have progressed in the sport, and outside of class. It can take anywhere from 1 month to four years to get your Blue belt(first belt after white). The way you conduct yourself is key to the sport, because discipline is vital in progression.

    The self realization really doesn't have a lot to do with going BJJ, but in the first part of my post I talked about myself, and how i have been doing alot of thinking. The thinking I have done has lead me to the realization, that I need to get involved in some positive activites to better my health and myself as a person. Going away and studying BJJ in another country, I feel will really test me in both areas. I believe that this is the best route to start my self makeover.
  7. sounds really fun.

    i used to take hap ki do classes, but it didn't appeal to me to much.

    have fun in brazil.
  8. I used to take classes from a next navy seal, he was nuts.

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