summer job, yes/no?

Discussion in 'General' started by ToastAndBananas, May 10, 2011.

  1. Right now I work in a restaurant making $8.50 an hour and im getting between 20-30 hours a week. I have an opportunity to be a hostess at a steakhouse and the pay will be the same and so will hours. Should I take up this offer and bank over the summer while im out of college classes or does anyone think differently? Lookin for some ideas :)
  2. if you have no money, then yes make some money... if you already have money, then no just chilll
  3. I liked my winter job, I think I will keep that. :cool:
  4. if you think you can handle the stress, the extra cash certainly would help with any bills you have.
  5. Make bank over the summer and then drink all semester. ;)
  6. Yeah I definitely need the money for all my shenanigans :) thanks alot for some quick answers!!!
  7. try to get a landscaping job youll make way more bank and youll get a tan and in shape

  8. Well I actually wanna stay in restaurants because I wanna get into management and eventually try to open my own franchise or something when im older but that is a good idea. My friend did that and got a lot of under the table pay and one hell of a tan like you said haha
  9. I would for sure do that job, get some cash money in your pockets, take a nice girl out.
  10. Never turn down money, bank that money and save up for somthing cool.

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