Summer is on its way. What are your plans?

Discussion in 'General' started by RubyMini, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Well its about six weeks until finals and then schools out for the summer.

    My plans are to continue with this money making project of mine and then go traversing the US a bit. Hopefully gonna go to roo, electric forest, forecastle, and then all good. after its all said and done i hope to go on one more vacation with the guys before everyone leaves this small town to continue their lives after graduation. im thinking out west somewhere...

    anyone else daydreaming about their summer plans?
  2. Travel, make music, meet new people, enjoy life.
  3. waka, concerts, bud, and work :)
  4. Well.. If I'm still working at my job summer won't exist for me...

    But if not I'll be SO HIGH all summer. I'll camp up and down the Cali coast.

    Pump out some hip hop verses..

    Swim a lot..

    I'm seeing Zeds Dead on 420... Thats still school time though isn't it..

    Hmm.. Adventure?
  5. Swimming, chilling, drinking, then basic combat training.
  6. Gearing up to go to college, chillen with my best friends, smoking weed all summer ( I wont be blazing for the first two years of college). My summer is really long, my college.starts September 22nd!
  7. I'm gonna be dippin my wick in some boob yall, then throwing down on shrimp and white wine. maybe chill with my friend raz and forget the hoezzzz.
  8. camp bisco, random concerts, camping at saco river maine (anyone who knows this place knows its notorious for partying) and a lot of working
  9. workin all summer. just gonna be able to chill on the weekends but w/e all part of growin up. hopefully gonna go to the unadilla mx nationals and watkins glen nascar races though.
  10. 1. hit up the swimming hole
    2. get a tan
    3. fuck bitches
    4. prosper
  11. Burying some females alive

    Fatten them up with tlc and then burn the evidence.
  12. smoke weed erryday
  13. go to the shore to get fucked up and laugh at guidos. my friend comes back home from afghanistan in august i think, so chill with him. other than that just smoke i guess?
  14. RTC. That's about it
  15. Going to EDC annddddd spend the rest of my summer getting my mashups ready
  16. Become mentally stable
  17. Save money for the massive AC bill I will receive.

    I like to stay under 70 at all times.

    Then relax at home and grill meat and veggies, chill with my girl friends and dogs.

    Obviously I work full time too... :(
  18. Pool. Hopefully be working and 15 lbs heavier.
  19. Camping, playing guitar, trippin', going to a few concerts, road trips.
  20. Lifeguarding, working in the mountains, smoking a shit ton, ya know :D

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