Summer is hell

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  1. I am one of the few people who hates summers. I'd rather be in school. All my friends are there, my freedom is there, the only downside is my girlfriend lives far away there and close here. When at my parent's house I am constantly bothered and nagged to get a job and fuck them I am trying. I am being turned down by places like Taco Bell and Jack in the Box. There are simply no jobs for someone cold calling. I don't think I can take 2 1/2 months of being treated like a high school dropout or having to deal with another summer of unemployment. I can't afford it and I'm running out of patience. I have not been this frustrated and depressed in my life.

    For fuck sakes I just got a 4.0 in all upper division classes, I shouldn't even be here. I should be pursuing my career or relaxing instead of dealing with employment during the worst time to get a job in 28 years. Fuck life, fuck timing, fuck George Bush and the rest of the faggots who got us into this mess. I just want out, I want to go back to Chico and I want to start pouring over my books again, smoking pot with my friends and hanging out at Bidwell Park. For the first time in 2 years I would say I am seriously unhappy, in fact I am downright miserable.

    Thank you for reading, it helps to get it out.
  2. suck it up and get a job, it is possible

    how are you paying for your life to continue
    without working?

    if these are your problems you should be
    thankful your life is so good.

  3. there are worse ppl off then u get over it
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  5. You guys misinterpreted my post. I have plenty of good things going on, I have friends here, a girlfriend and all that fun stuff. I'm allowed to vent some of my frustrations about not having a job right now and occassionally get really down about it without being told to suck it up. What I was trying to say is I wish summer didn't exist. I didn't mention my job during school, the friends I liked more up there etc. I'm not saying my life sucks, I'm just unhappy here because I am unemployed and would rather be up there.

    I'm well aware plenty of people have it better off, doesn't mean I won't still be unhappy with my current situation. It is a bit of a shock to go from being successful to unemployed in 3 days lol.

    To answer the money question, I have money saved up and my parents help me through college. I don't NEED to work this summer, I WANT to so that I can be more financially independent. Its just frustrating that that seems to be slipping away.
  6. i just hate the heat, blah! i love cold, and it doesnt even get cold here, well for me :). heat wilts me like damping off does a seedling, lol
  7. Fast food is ALWAYS hiring because of the turnover rate. I always laugh at stoners that complain that they can't get a job, yet they aren't really trying, and they're being real choosy with where they want to work. Hit up every fast food joint in your town, every pizza place, hell, every restaurant like Chili's and Fridays, and I GUARANTEE you'll find a job.

    Yes, the economy sucks, but there are jobs available.
  8. What do you think I have been doing for the last 10 days. That;s why I am so frustrated...I can't even get my foot in the door. Listen man, I know what I am doing, I have gotten plenty of jobs before. For fucks sake I'm not even a stoner anymore, I haven't smoked in weeks. All afternoon I am gonna be sending in applications, bugging managers, calling places. I am not some lazy, shiftless asshole just whining about his inability to find a job. Yeah fast food turnover is high, that's why it is mind boggling to me that I am having so much trouble.

    To be honest, I think the biggest problem is I am only looking for summer work. I have started to lie about that fact so I can just snag a job really quick then quit it.

    Meh, I should just volunteer, itll keep me busy.
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  10. How is the relevant to the thread at all... like seriously, gtfo.

    To the OP. Sorry to hear man, everyone has their low points. I've been going through a lot of shit lately that fucks with my mind as well. Just keep on chuggin bro, things will get better.
  11. Summer is great.
  12. Summer isn't hell. It's great. Specifically because it's festival season! :D
  13. Summer is wonderful, but only as long as I am not forced to be outside. If I had a job outside all of the time I would probably get sick of it fast. Also, it's hell on car paint jobs and interiors, which makes me sad :(
  14. Summer weather ain't that generally hits 100 by June here, but it already did that in May. It rained yesterday though, oh well who knows :rolleyes:
  15. This.

    I also want to add that you live in a bubble and what you need to do is start appreciating the fact that your parents(or whoever) are paying your way through college or providing you with money to go to school without a job.

    If you're such a hustler that you can manage*wink wink* to support yourself without working then more power to you and disreguard what I said.
  16. So are you in high school or what? Because nothing is stopping you from continuing your education at a community college or something.

    I was originally going to take classes this summer, but I got a job doing exactly what I was doing last summer (except it's higher paying).

    Just be thankful that you go to a school you enjoy. I'm stuck at a military school until June 15th. I started school last year on August 15 and have not been allowed to leave campus (except for weekends) since then.
  17. It's not even summer yet.
  18. I only have 8 classes left in my last 2 semesters, none of which are GE. I could take some language courses for fun, and I might just do that. Thanks for the idea man.
  19. Fuck man, I feel like you are a mirror image of myself. I am DYING for August to roll around so I too can go back to school, my gf is there right now in summer school and I wish I just would have stayed. I came home to work but I have found NO work, I have been in countless stores and places with no luck. All I want to do is to be in class making the grades so I can get my degree and then start making REAL money. And not to mention I cant smoke because of court.. Long story short.. I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
  20. I don't like summer much either...I love hanging out with my friends more during summer but I can't go there every night and I don't have a job either, but I have saved up birthday money/money from working past 2 years so I have a lot to play with I just don't spend any except on weed a couple times a month and sometimes on food.

    My summer would be 10x better if I still had my car...but yea I agree, college is way better than living at home.

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