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Summer is cancelled

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by texassmoker, May 18, 2004.

  1. Well not exactly but heres my story. THis summer was gonna be awsome. Despite having to move back in with the rents, i was going to have an awsome place to party. Imagine a house, on the lake. Here you could pretty do whatever you wanted party, drink, smoke and tear up the place because it was being torn down. Here there existed a kegerator, killer sound system, copious amounts of couches, many beer bongs, and also regular ones, and no parental supervison. You could either chill by the lake on the docks or go play a round of beer pong then pass out in a back bedroom without having to deal with driving and getting pulled over by the law. But sadly this place exists no more and i have nothing to do this summer except earn money and smoke pot, which is fun but in no way a substitute to the massive amounts of fun and deliquency that i would of had. Anyone have any interesting summer plans because i dont.
  2. I don't have any fun summer plans... I'm going to work wrok work... then I'm going to drink, and drinks some more.... then I'm going t o buy weed, alot of weed... and get very high. Oh yea, and outdoors things like camping/hiking/hunting, etc

    other than that.... not a damn thing
  3. im prolly heading up to cali to visit some family. Other than that just hanging out and working.
  4. going to europe!:D...btw does anyone know if theres alot of weed in poland?
  5. house arrest for half of my summer. nothing big and no drug tests. Im so happy so i can smoke whenever i feel like cause my parents are out most of the day.
  6. i'm gonna work, fish, eat, sleep, work some more, go sky diving, maybe go bungee jumping, go to the shore, eat sushi and philly cheese steaks, and read some of the books i'm going to have to read for next semester.
  7. summer school, work, smoke a grip, drink a grip, and party as much as possible
  8. Say it ain't so! I can't believe it's almost summer. My plan? Stay cool. Stay high. Keep smiling and go with the flow.
  9. well, i was hoping i would get the chance to go hang out with my uncle in texas... got a new girlfriend :) shes pretty cool, not a bitch that doesnt like me smoking.. also hoping i can get back to more paintball, and as cottons gunna do, some skydiving and fishing! mabey go to our cabbin up north for a week or two... and besides that work.. the weeks off things gunna piss my boss off :(
  10. yea my plans are very simple. first 4 weeks trian with the bball team then buy a pound of weed and bring it up to sleep away camp wit me. me and my boy will blaze that shit down while im getting with every girl i could find not a bad summer rite...? lol cs_shoota what gun u got??? i got an angel wit an empire barrel kit halo b volumizers and a whole bunch of stuff

  11. Hey man, I'm Polish...havent been back to the homeland for like 5 years though. From what I've heard theres not a whole lot because its pretty expensive and well, really it comes down to this:

    People drink instead of smoking weed because you could get drunk like 3 times for the cost of a gram. Look around though, you might find something.

    As for my summer...finish off my May/June semester, then Ill be working part time, partying, definetly doing a lot of camping and fishing. Should be good.

    *Edit* you could probably go to Amsterdam and smuggle a bunch in, just take a train direct from Amsterdam to Poland. I dunno how risky it is but it would work.

  12. LOL... a grip!

    sorry, i go to school in cali... never heard it until i got out there... now i think it's just hilarous to hear people say it :D
  13. I'm probably gunna be tryin' some shrooms and catchin a Phish show, should be nice...
  14. im hopefully going to cedar point wit my girl and gonna be smoking weed like every day lol peace out
  15. the lake is where it's at! i'm goin down for the second time, this weekend for a family reunion. it's gunna be a blast. such a cool fam. i love the lake. sooo much. the fishing, swimming, skiing, kneeboarding all of it. bon fires a few schnapps and lots of puffs;) and the kids love it too. we're thinkin of selling the house and moving there. it's just so damned awesome there!
  16. bunjee jumping in vegas, lots of fishing, getting the band back together, massive amounts of ganja, booze, and the occasional MDMA, gunna be partying so hardcore this summer it's gunna be great. gunnab e goin to the beach all the time too. and girls, oh yes, the massive amounts of booty i'll be getting this summer will make life worthwhile.
  17. Wel. I have an Intership with the County Department of Planning and Finances so I'll b e pretty busy during the week days...but I have the week ends off so I'm gonna squeeze everything I can into the weekends...Endless hawaiian parties for me...damn Can't wait to go home and surf again!
  18. I'm gonna chill in the vondelpark all summer :D Maybe when we get really bored take the car, spin a bottle on a map and drive there lol :) I like it when things come spontanious, so much better then when you plan everything out. So no real plans, just gonna enjoy what my country has to offer :)
  19. What am I service that's what...

  20. Word up me too...I got tix to see em at the Tweeter Center in Mass. this summer...prolly gonna trip a slice of some of the nicest boomers I've ever seen...thick stems and caps that havent expanded's gonna be sick!!!

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