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  1. Hey everyone,

    This [might be / is] my first grow ever; I have done a considerable amount of research and am quite excited to start things. I have just returned from college with a bunch of bag seeds (10 no names and 1 AK-47) which I believe to be "good" seeds that could turn into something promising. After my research, which I began here at home, I have decided that I will begin my germination tonight through the paper towel and container method. My question arises from discrepancies among guides and journals regarding the amount of time the project takes from start to finish.

    Given my planned specs, which I will list below, do you guys believe it will be possible for me to make any form of a success, even if the harvest is slightly premature, before I leave back to college in late August?

    10 no name seeds (I know this is shit information, but it came from some middy shit that I had used for edibles. The fella said the strain was called "brownie green", but I am 99% sure he making shit up, and am thus calling bullshit on that).
    1 AK-47
    Outdoor Growing
    Current daytime of 15 hours where I live
    I plan to begin growing indoors under 2 CFLs w/ reflector hoods with 15 hours light and 9 hours dark just as it would be outside until the root ball fills a standard red party cup, then will transplant to pots that will be outside in nearby woods.
    I would be willing to buy all applicable ferts, soil mixes, and the whole 9 yards if the grow is possible.

    Any additional input on my plans and/or advice would warmly be welcomed as well :)
  2. I'm no pro, but I would say to keep them in dro, that way you'd at least have a chance of getting them finished. End of August is pushing it imo. I am starting some auto the beginning of June and I don't expect them until the beginning or mid August.

    I wish you well. It'd be a bitch to have to leave before harvest. Good Luck! :smoke:

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