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  1. So im a senior in highschool and have been wanting to go on a road/camping trip with some friends starting in June or mid July latest where we'd drive from Michigan-California and then go camping for about 2-3 days at big sur campground.. But i have run into some issues... So im on probation but have recently been hired to work at Meijer for minum wage. ($40 a week) and want to buy a car I've been looking at that is around the $1500 range.. but first i have to pay off my fees which are around the $490 range.. I did the math and realized that i wouldn't be able to pay off the fees and earn enough money for the car in time for even august -_- Does anyone have ANY ideas or suggestions to earn the cash in time?
  2. Go mow lawns/shovel. If you're good with youngins, babysit? Apply for Mc donalds/ resturaunt job. Ask your parents for work? Donate plasma. Sell some things you don't want or need anymore. Example: xbox, games, t.v. Work on nearby farm? theres tons of ways. Just got to get out and work.

    Probation Sucks!
  3. I have never been in trouble with the cops..i have done a few things that should have landed me in jail on more than one occasion but if your smart and plan things out....YOU DONT GET CAUGHT
  4. Why aren't your friends pitching in on the car too?
  5. There gonna pitch in on gas but do you really expect them to work so i can get a car? Aha
  6. I'm just saying, if everyone wants to go on a road trip, and none of your friends have cars, why are you the one that has to sacrifice and scrape together the money for a car?
  7. I was going to buy a car anyway and they do but its just that it was my idea

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