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summer blend '09

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ant-hony, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. me and my two friends had a great idea. from each pick up over the summer we save about a bowls worth, and we each pick up about every week. we do this all summer until some day we haven't picked out yet. then on that day we all weigh out what we saved up, grind it all up, and all three of us mix all the different strains in one bag. then we each take out the same weight we put in. we all buy the same quality so thats not an issue. if you can add to this idea in anyway thanks.

    also a little side note, i've heard that you can have weird highs from mixing weed in the same bowl/blunt/ect, should i worry about this?
  2. you get crazy highs when mixing 2 strains or more
    and i like that idea, try rolling a 10 strain blunt haha
  3. ok so mixing the weed is a good thing? thats what i was hoping. im now so much more excited
  4. It is a good thing, but if you're gonna be grinding up all the weed that you saved anyways, then all the trichs and good shit will fall off...thus leaving you with a de-kiefed blend of shake. Sounds like a pretty good plan though, I know of a guy who does this on occasion; the blend tastes SO fucking weird!

  5. this is true..... try to use your grinder to grind it with..... collect the keif from your own buds at least, if not everyones in one sitting...:hello:
  6. Yea my old dealer did this kinda. he was on probation and could not smoke but he still sold. but for every pick up he got he threw a nice nug in a jar, a year later he was off probation and he had a couple ounces of flame ass shit waiting for him.

  7. we already planned on smoking a keif bowl for the first bowl. and if not its not like i'll never get to the keif collector.
  8. I was thinkin about doin this too, throwin a G nug in a jar each time i pick up. then have a sweet head stash
  9. Mmmm. Salad bowls. I love the highs from salad bowls. Very unique.

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