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  1. Hi all,

    Longtime lurker first time poster. I have been doing a grow in my attic this summer and all was going well until the past few weeks when the outside temps overwhelmed my girl and I think she shut down on the flowering.

    I am doing a soil grow in Fox Farm Ocean. Strain is Sacra Frasca Sativa using a 400 watt dimmable HPS in a 3x3x5 tent. Ph has been a steady 6.5 and I have been using Fox Farm nutes according to their shedule. Lights are on at night and I have been ventilating with air from in my house which has kept the temps down to a average high of 90. Not ideal but when my uninsulated attic is hitting 120 not bad, this was an experiment but I still don't want to lose her.

    I am beginning week 12 of flowering and three weeks ago the temps started getting in the high 90's and the calyxs stopped developing. She has been unchanged and has basically stopped her flowering.

    So my question is, has the flowering been delayed and if I brought her into the house during the heat of the day and returned her to the attic for her night time dose of light ( night time temps with the light on don't exceed 88 ) will she resume flowering?

    I can't move her inside full time and she is still pretty healthy just not budding.

    Or, should I chop her top 1/3 and try and resume veg as temps are starting to slowly drop and by Oct should be ideal again and maybe get her going to flower that way.

    I suppose either way it is a waiting game but hoping someone could lend me some insight. Will try and post pics later if necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If your in week 12 of flowering, It should be past time to harvest it. Have you checked the color of the trichomes to see if they have started turning amber yet????????? :cool:
  3. When i say she stopped flowering I mean she stopped. The pistil production halted and there is no bud or flower formation other than a couple popcorn on the bottom. No bud no trichs. The rest of the plant is a little heat stressed but the foliage is dense and with good color. I'm still not sure if it is just the strain that is taking so long or a combination of the strain and heat.

    She is almost a pure sativa so I was expecting a 12-16 week flowering period but what I need to know is has the heat blast delayed flowering and can I get it going again or has it come to a grinding halt with no hope? If the latter then I see my two choices are to top chop and try and reveg or just chop it all.
  4. I'm a noob so you don't have to heed my advice but my bet is with temps like that you have halted/retarded the bud production... at 12 weeks you should have a nice set of buds at this point

    The heats killin ya man. Good luck!
  5. Sacra Frasca is 8-9 weeks for flowering. Your fluxuation of the high heat scared her man. If you want to save her u better get an AC unit up there to cool it down, and ventilation. Cool that room down and give her some fresh water, I would hold off nuts for a little until she starts buding again

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