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    I want to try and grow at the top of a tree :D

    Tree growing
    In theory this is what i will be doing. Since i live in a very populated town (17,000) with a near by woods i need to grow somewhere people wont find. I found a tree that is impossible to climb with the skills of the average teenager. To get to the top i will be drilling holes into the tree and sticking metal pipe in as a step. I can remove the metal pipe when i leave so no one else can get up. Then where the tree is topped i will be making a nest for my baby marijuana. Using a solar power lights (High pressure?) to help the process. Also i will have a water jug up there that will constantly be dripping water to feed it. For watering I will have a reservoir up there that will poor in the water in the mornings

    Color codes
    Red - Basically questions that i have, statements that i am unsure of
    Silver - Ideas I had that are blocked out

    - found a possible tree to grow in

    - I made a few pictures of what i had in my head. I got to do alot of math today. In the picture i have a problem. Should I use pots or just dived the area up with wood? The pot i drew is 12inches tall and can hold 9.6 gallons. The three sections are 12 inches tall and can hold 6 gallons. I wanted to LST so i am unsure of what i should do.

    pic 1
    pic 2
    pic 3
    pic 4
    pic 5
    pic 6

    finally gots a seed, Which one is good
  2. reserve

    pleese stop and tell me how i am doing at anytime if ur feelin it
  3. it could be a good idea but im worried about too much exposure to the elements so possibly overwatering?

    birds? squirrels? idk
  4. what do u mean by to much exposure to the elements?

    im not sure how much i should water would constant dripping be to much?

    birds and squiirels i can keep out by a net or something i think or like a metal fense

  5. That's a really good idea. Tree growing is fine as long as the pots you grow them in are very secure, there shouldn't be any movement of the pots from the wind. Other than that... good luck.
  6. why not build a little tree house with more floor space for a water resivar.. the pvc up the side of the tree is gonna catch the attention of anyone passing..... and you plan on visiting this spot how often?
  7. I think i will make just the bottom with little bit of walls since the roof will prevent sun light.
    I can only visit on Fridays and Saturdays (working is a bitch.)

    Once i have the reservoir how do i get it to only water when its needed? Can i have a timer/ dispenser or something to that effect

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