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  1. I think my house is haunted or somthing...

    The other night, we had to go drop my friends moms car off at home so he could sleep over. S o I get in the car with him (paul), and amar and ben get in the other car so follow us. Well we stoped at kwik trip cause of the munchies and they didn't so they were far ahead of us. When we got close to his house, amar cell phone called paul. paul answered but no one was there, we figured crappy reception like always. Well amar's cell tried calling his cell 4 more times, then mine once. none of the times it worked. After we droped off pauls car and got in w/ amar and ben we were like, what did you want? he was like 'what? I don't have my cell on me.' which freaked us the fuck out of course, so we made sure it was amar cell calling, and we made sure he wasn't bullshiting, then we got scared shitless. Someone was in my house calling us with amars cell, and it wasn't amar. When we got to my house, we grapped a basball bat and headed down. Amar's phone was in the same place, but there was no one down there or in the house.
    At first we figured it was one of the girls that lives by me because she is pauls ex and she physco about him. What made us think that was the fact that the person also called amars dad w/ his phone, and his name is paul too, so we figured it was her trying to get ahold of my friend. So we stoped freaking. But now i come to learn that she was over at some other girls all night, and that she never left there, and that was confirmed by a bunch of people.
    So what do you think? Ghosts, aliens, leppricans?
    either way it freaked us out and now im scared of my basement even more, which sucks cause my room is in the basement.
  2. hey cool u live in north carolina. i live here too but my ghost story is about the first time i did shrooms. k, so around 11:30 pm we started eating shrooms. we went out to this old barn thing with antiques and stuff in it. we sat at a table smoking the shroom powder(wich by the way is sick as hell). By around 12:30 we were tripping hard. so we turn on some music of the band Ween (good shroom music). we listen to a few songs then WAM the fucking cd player skips 5 tracks and plays the last 5 seconds of a track (wich the words are run, run, get out while u can). we all freak out and stay still for 5 seconds when BAM the lights in the bathroom turn on and off. and by now we are scared as hell. we dont move for what seems like forever. we settle down and play some ps2 and turn th emusic back on. it gets to the track again and BAM skips to the last 5 seconds of the cd (you've done it now the sins cant be payed, or some shit like that) the ps2 freezes the bathroom lights turn on and off. we run as fast as we can out of that damn barn. damn thats a lot of typing.
  3. i dunno pretty freaky though !
  4. shit i dont know. but im scared of barn at night now. we had this spiritual lady go out there. she does tarao and ouji boards and what not. and she walked up to the door and froze. she turned around and said dont go in there u pissed something off. maybe she was just fucking with us though.
  5. well last night was pretty freaky shit too. We just made a new 4 person hooka, and we were all really really baked, and the room was all smoky, then like i saw sum smoke move like there was somthing moving thru it, then i felt a hot breath on the back of my neck, scared me right outta my own room.
    Later then, when we were chilln watchin TV, we heard nosies from the other side of the basement, I'm seriously convinced that some supernatural force is in my basement! Are there any tests or things that I can try?
  6. ha, if we had shops like that in this hickass town, our villagers would rally with pitchforks and kill the 'witches' that owned it... so in other words no... any other ideas? these are really freaking me out, don't like it one bit.
  7. I got some kinda ghost stories. It's true as far as I know. I used to have a neighbor next door that was friends with my older brother. He was about 20. I was 12. My neighbors were like.. an 18 year old guy and his younger sister was like 16.
    I spent the night over there one time and everytime I closed my eyes for a while I would see a skull. That was probably just an active imagination..
    But my bro said some time later he was leaving for work and our friend's little sister came outside visibly shaken up saying someone was in her basement. So my brother being the big badass he is (6'5" tall 300lbs, actually probably like 250 back then) he walks in slowly like "HEY WHOEVER THE FUCK IS DOWN HERE... " etc etc you know, and my friend's little sister is behind him. They check some rooms in the basement. While they're in a room they here BOOMBOOMBOOM like someone heavy as hell running up the stairs. So my bro sprints up the steps and out the front door and around the house. He says he thinks it was a ghost cause whatever it was was inhumanly fast to have ran up the stairs like it did and just vanish. (it's pretty wide open around the houses here so there's that someone couldn't have ran so fast + there was no where to hide)..
    Also in our basement, we have this back room that used to have a bed in it. My bro was home alone and he swears to god he saw someone in the bed and ran off. Came back and there was no one there. He also some years later lived in the basement and says he heard things. I live in the room he lived in now and I never hear nothin..
    I was drunk one time and I had like uh, you know the circular containers blank cds come in that hold like 100 discs.. I had a relatively heavy glass plate sitting on there. And it seemed like someone just smacked the edge of it upward off my desk. I was really drunk and high so I dunno it coulda been me, but as far as I remember, my hands were on the keyboard below where it happened. But yeah.. yeah. Long reply.
  8. My friend and some of his friends played with a oujia board in his house. He lives on the very top floor. Then there's first floor. Then there's a basement. So they were upstairs playing, they didn't have the eye thing, it was lost. So they got to talking to some stuff or whatever (I've never messed with a oujia board) and somethin was talking about how bad this thing called Jag is and how it's in his basement. And supposedly Jag told him he better stay out of the basement. Like threateningly. My friend said he always felt a bit strange down there.
    Another time some friends were playing in another friend's basement. So my friend J shows up there wearing some shirt that had 666 on the collar. And the board was like nooooo J leave go no bye 666 bye bye. And then he left. Someone slipped the eye out while no one was paying attention and then they were supposedly talking to something else. They had the lights on and candles and shit. It said turn off the lights. So they did. It talked some evil type shit to a friend. My friend was talking shit back (lol). Then it got a little violent. My friend was like "what're you gonna do about it" or some such.. It was like blow out the candles. And then they quit for the night lol.

  9. it was the girl... she saw him go into ur house.. then she went in after... i bet the bunch of ppl were all or mos tly girls.. .


    it was the girl

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