Sum of my Babies are burnt already! (Balcony Grow)

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  1. i have my babies on the balcony. well its a sunroom so its closed in but there are big windows all around it and i keep them open when its nice so i consider it Balcony growing. I havent found any info for growing on the balcony so if anyone has any it would be appreciated. not everyday u hear about growing under sunlight indoors.

    anyways, i have a dozen babies in my sunroom and 3 of em are burnt. they are only about 2-3 inches tall and the only fan leaves on them are burnt. by the looks of it the sprout where the stem would keep growing looks burnt too.
    another 1 has burnt fan leaves and they are drooping too even though i water carefully every 2 days.

    Im wondering is there anything i can do to save my babies or should i consider them a miscarriage?:(
    i was thinking about just removing those burnt parts and see if it keeps growing but ill wait on an answer...
  2. no idea, are u using a fert? make sure even tho ur watering every two days let ur plant dry out, this promotes root growth because the roots go in search for water, when u think they need water wait another day. get some pics on hear so i know what u mean by burned... im lost

    ur felllow grower

  3. thx. i just watered them so ill try drying them out next time. what i mean by burnt is that the leaves are turning yellow and crispy.
  4. yellow and crispy hmmm...if ur not using a fertilizer it could be because of low nitrogen levels, have u checked the pH of ur soil shoud be around 6.8-7.0, dont know what to tell you as im no expert, good luck keep me posted PM me if u need to. later man

    Ur fellow grower

  5. I bet you've been overwatering and drowned the roots...
  6. i think its a lost cause...can i cut the tops which are burnt and hope that they branch off?
  7. no no no - the 12 plants all recieve the same water n are in the same soil but these are the only ones doing this?
    this is why we generally germ 35 when were only trying for 20 ... weeding out the weak ones ....pitch em n focus on the rest of the garden ..... keep an eye on watering.. in full bloom i water 2 liters every 3-4 days in a 2 gal bucket ..... dont just look pick it up n if its real light water it ...:wave:
  8. it breaks my heart to see them like that. oh well r.i.p. ill focus on the others. thx for the info

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