Sulphur Plasma Grow Light Systems (MPS)?

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  1. Has anyone tried these newly re-designed sulphur plasma lights. There was a recent article in High Times and they are supposed to be the new hot thing. I can't seem to find anywhere to buy them though.

    Let's hear everyones opinion on MPS systems..

  2. [​IMG] Sulphur Plasma lamps are twice as efficient as other sources of high quality white light. [​IMG] They produce almost no ultraviolet light and very little infrared; this makes them easier to use with plastic fixtures or fibres. [​IMG] The full-spectrum light that is produced is extremely good for visual acuity and feels much like sunlight. [​IMG] The light source is very bright (similar to sunlight) so the light can be efficiently distributed over large spaces. [​IMG] The light output and colour does not degrade over time, and it is fully dimmable down to 15%. [​IMG] The lamp is very simple; a hollow quartz sphere with sulphur and argon gas so it is environmentally benign and light output quality does not degrade in use.

    Only thing that gets me is it says "white light" maybe when they start production of "daylight" plasma bulbs :D

    pretty cool though, like an organic light haha
  3. Is the spectrum correct for growing???
  4. The absorption maximal of chlorophyll a are lambda= 430 and lambda= 662 nm, that of chlorophyll b are at 453 and 642 nm.

    The best I can tell the Sulfur Plasma's spectral output peaks at 520 nanometres and the correlated colour temperature (CCT) is approximately 6000 kelvins with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 86.

    The lamp does generate light in the correct spectral ranges for plant growth but there is a lot of light in the unusable spectrum (IMO). If you can find one that peaks in the blue and red bands I'd go for it but i don't think it beats MH or HPS for growing.
  5. Do they use a ballast?
  6. I've done some research on the subject and I've talked with LUXIM, a manufacture of Sulphur plasma lights. A 250 watt unit costs $900.00+, for the bulb and fixture. However, they say in the next two years, the watts will go up and the price will come down. Also, the spectrum of light they produce is very good for the veg. stage of growing. Most of the comparisons are between MH and sulphur plasma.
  7. Its hard to find any solid info on the units. I have no idea if they use a ballast or not. I have read the word microwave a lot. I don't know if that means that they are harmful or not. I'de imagine not, but I really don't know.

    I found one picture of a Plasma system. Used in a street light application.

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  8. I wonder if they could use a lens diffuser to adjust the amount of red. Like how you can change the color spectrum on a SOLATUBE system.
  9. HK Industry

    I also found this system. With some different Specs.
  10. Luxim corp. is performing tests with there Sulphur Plasma lighting systems, out- sourced to growers, on seedlings and vegitative growth of different plant species. They told me over the phone, within a year to eighteen months, they will have a lighting system for growing and available to the average joe. The spectrum will be suited for seedling and vegitative growth plus there pricing will be competative. Now, I'm sure the price will be inflated at the begining, but as everything else, it will decrease to meet market demand. I'll be the first in line.
  11. We will be manufacturing Plasma HID Grow Lights in March
    I can help you with info if you wish
    You can email me

    They are amazing and we will be selling enclosures with two Plasma HID's in them

    Independant testing went very well!
  12. [quote name='Noyzboy']We will be manufacturing Plasma HID Grow Lights in March
    I can help you with info if you wish
    You can email me

    They are amazing and we will be selling enclosures with two Plasma HID's in them

    Independant testing went very well![/QUOTE]

    I'm sure I would be as others would be interested also if you could show some results.
    We are all seeing that L.E.D.s aren't living up to there expectations so many are shy about
    implied results with no journals or pics to back them up.
    And some spec's, max area size per light, recommended distance from light, any heat output no matter how low the temp might be, things like that.
    You might think about acquiring a vendor membership if you are really interested in posting yours or a friends products.
    I would love to see you do a grow jounal with one of the lights your informing us about.
  13. Hello Noyzboy,

    I contacted you last week through your website. I was the person confused about whether or not the lights were able to be ordered now or just reserved for march. Also, My friend Aleeya called you and spoke with you about the lights last week. I think your light are going to rock however, the price is way too steep @ $1,995.00 for 600 watts of Plasma and $6,995.00 for 1000 watts of plasma and LED. What I think is going to happen is in 1-2 years the price is going to drop just like LED's did this year after 1-2 years of being way over priced. Don't get me wrong, I think this technology is where the industry is headed and in ten years most growers will be using sulphur plasma however, the price needs to come way down before there is a demand for this product. Also, Luxim has a unit which is 400 watts or so and costs roughly $1,100.00 and LG has a 700 watt unit for $1,980.00. Good luck with the product and when the price comes down I'll get in line to buy.
  14. Get back to me on this in about 3-5 years...

    Way too expensive now, and besides the spectrum looks great for veg but not so for flower...
  15. Anyone else have any info or links to Plasma lights?
  16. Hello all. I just registered to this forum, and I am very interested to see people are talking about the product which I am selling. There is no way I can try growing weeds with our product since it is illegal to do that in my region, but I am very interested to know how this product will help growing this plant and others. Actually, there is a research paper about the growth of cucumber plants under MH and MPS. The link is CiNii -  UNIFORMITY OF PHOTOSYNTHETIC PHOTON FLUX AND GROWTH OF 'POINSETT' CUCUMBER PLANTS UNDER METAL HALIDE AND MICROWAVE-POWERED SULFUR LAMPS If you are interested, it is worth to check. If you are interested in buying the lighiting, come and visit I think this is very interesting.
  17. nam, I am very interested in sulphur plasma lighting systems. However, its not cost prohibitive now. I took a look at your site and there was not a whole lot of information regarding these lighting systems and none on the horticulture side. If you have more information and/or a price list for the components, please feel free to contact me. Also, I've been researching LED technology for about the past 9-10 months and if possible I would like to combine the two technologies like the "Chameleon" grow systems but at a much more reasonable and affordable price for the average working man or woman as LED's have come way down in the past year.
  18. I gave up on this Plasma crap a while back. The price is OUTRAGEOUS. I would never pay that for what you're going to get, or "Potentially" get. I'm not sold at all.
  19. nam, I just sent you a pm with my email.

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