Sulfur deficiency?

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    Hey everyone,

    Pictures below! First post and new science nerd grower here. Some of my plants have started showing signs of some type of deficiency in new growth which I think is a sulfur deficiency but I wanted to run it by others to see if that's what's going on. Maybe this is normal when flipping or something else I haven't considered. Here are the details of the grow:

    -2 Amnesia Haze, 2 Big Bud, 2 chocolope
    -Switched into 12/12 flowering 2 weeks ago
    -400 W HPS about 2 feet from canopy
    -5 gallon fabric pots
    -Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil
    -No deficiencies occurred in veg that I noticed
    -Using Fox Farms Nutes. Currently feeding 30 mL of Big Bloom, 2 mL of Grow Big, and 8 mL of Tiger Bloom per gallon of water –around 1000 ppm (not deducting tap's TDS and before pH adjusting) every other watering
    -Watering 1/3 gallon every two days or when plants need it with Boston tap (~110 ppm out of faucet)
    -Foliar feeding every 7 days with Spray-N-Grow and a drop of dish soap
    -All water and nutrients going in soil are pH corrected to 6.2-6.8 pH
    -Temperature stays between 75-82
    -Humidity stays between 30-60%
    -Good air circulation around top and bottom of plants

    The strain in the pictures is big bud. I've posted pics of the whole plant, a top of the plant, a healthy leaf towards the middle of the plant and an old fan leaf towards the bottom which is yellowing. I don't think it would be light burn because new shoots beneath the canopy are also yellowing. The leaves are yellowing from the center of the plants outward. Most of the edges of the leaves are still green. Another thing I've noticed is that veins are yellowing first. Contrast between newer growth and older growth is fairly obvious in person. Boston water contains 6.9 mg/L of sulfur and I don't see any sulfur or sulfur containing molecules in the analysis of all my nutrients. All of my other plants have this problem to varied degrees as well.

    What do you guys think?

    IMG_1786.JPG IMG_1786.JPG [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. New growth looks like that, when its kicking ass..... its fine

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  3. new growth CAN be lighter in color especially in the beginning days of flowering because they are getting darkness and stretching at night.

    and until that growth hits light it's lighter....

    NOW ...your growth looks past that point and if it's on new worry...what is the runoff ph and the ec your feeding looks like it's not an environmental but a sudden rootzone ph fluctuation that all of a sudden blocked one or more elements from being absorbed....more info on the plant is needed really ...but ...I would flush right away with 1/4 strength nutes until you see it catch up with itself...always keeping the runoff ph in range...for soil...6.5 to 7.2...may be a bit of salt build up as well from to.much feeding ...which will lockout elements....either way the fix is the same....flush with 3 times that pot and make sure the last reading has the right ec range and ph range..


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  4. Approximate EC of feed is 2 but that's a conversion from a TDS meter which reads 1000 ppm. I feed every four days and I will be able to get runoff readings for you tomorrow when I water.

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  5. Just watered until 20% runoff with 1 tsp/gal of epsom salt, 1 EC, 6.2 pH. Figured it couldn't hurt to get it in there just in case a flush wasn't needed. pH of runoff was 6.0-6.5 for all plants and TDS measures 3 EC across the board. I just flushed two weeks ago. Let me know what you think.

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  6. an ec level of 2 is too high either way you look at it... 1.5 MAX during veg and thats when its healthy...your Ph is WRONG for soil....soil your using needs to be swinging from 6.5 to .7.2 get a real ph pen you can't just say it's between 6 and 6.5 ...6 will fuck that plant up...6.5 is the FIRST number you want it get the runoff to 6.5 using (counter) balanced 1.0 ec nute solution ( I'd pour in 7.0) and see if you land at 6.5 adjust accordingly ...the reason for the yellowing is cuz it wants to grow but the necessary food is blocked by low ph.


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  7. I've measured the ph of runoff many times before and it ranges from 5 up to 6.5 and it's never been a problem until now... If pH was the problem, wouldn't I have have seen this issue months ago in veg when the soil runoff consistently measured pH of 5? They grew beautifully with no signs of any deficiency of nute burn. I'll flush and try to correct. Just curious why it hasn't been a problem until now.

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  8. Just flushed all the plants. Flushed with pH 7, Boston tap until runoff measured 0.6 EC then fertilized with quarter strength ferts and woke up this morning to every plant having this issue on its new growth noticeably worse than before. Thoughts?

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