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  1. What are the proper techniques when sulfur burning? I filled half the cup up with sulfur on my eco sulfur burner. Then I raised it 3ft above my plants in my room with the lights off and let it run for 6 hours. Vented for 2 hours before my light came on. I do not see ANY difference. I went in there to make sure nothing was burning down, and it was pretty smogged. I found this Do It Yourself Sulfur / Sulphur Burner - Hydroponic SuperSonic , and was wondering if I should go about it this way. I feel like I might be to far into flowering to try reveg these mamas like he did. Only about 3 weeks left till finish, with big buds.
  2. Why are u doing it ???

    I will never endorse Sulphur Burners for weed.

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    Well, Freak, I don't necessarily care what you ENDORSE. In my previous statement I had expressed that I already have been using a sulfur burner. So go ahead and remind me how my crop is fucked and how I'll be smoking on mildew/sulfur weed for the next 3 months. Next time why don't you provide information that is useful, instead of your personal preferences. Fucking prick

    On another note.. Can I burn sulfur multiple nights consecutively?

    Name Calling is Not Allowed in The City...Please Refrain From doing so in The Future!!! **unoit**
  4. Holy shit man. Relax.

    I wasnt trying to be an asshole to u. I even asked u
    what u were after..

    Seems like u know it all anywayz. Good luck.

  5. U dont deserve an answer from anyone,
    let alone, me.


  6. You obviously lack decency, etiquette, and have no class whatsoever

    is it that time of the month?

    sound like a menstrating female!

    do you kiss your mother with that mouth
  7. Guys like this make me glad Im not ignorant enough to get PM in the first place. Freak is right as much as you don't want to hear it. Sulfur burners lick balls I tended a friends grow for a month in Sea-town while he was doin some panic shows. He had powdery mildew and was doin the sulf burn thing, made the whole cop taste like shit... I took over when he was in the middle of his next one with my advise we not only got rid of the powdery mildew. He got rid of his burners tooo!. Get it? Baking soda, getting rid of any leaves that touch eachother. Bringing the Ph up on the plant for a week. Thats the only answer you need. Peace

  8. See I read it like "why are you EVEN doing it", and I felt like that was besides the point. That coupled with my terrible day- I let it out on you. I apologize.

    Here you are in one sentence talking decency, etiquette, and class, and in the next calling me a MENSTRUATING female. Bi-polar much?

    FYI I would have never had this issue if I had the proper equipment. Which I will not be able to afford until next grow. For 6 months I have been battling PM and all fore mentioned above I already knew. I.E. Alkaline water treatments, leaves touching/sweating on each other... My intentions of this post was to acquire detailed information on Sulfer Burners. I have seen many pro grows that use sulfur burners 80% through veg, and I can not see a more concrete way to knock out the PM that has colonized on the floors/walls. I wanted information, not opinions. Thanks anyways
  9. LOL.

    Instead of asking Why did u do that ??? I should have asked u
    What are u after ??? It sounded accusatory, so my bad.

    Wow man, I wish I coulda been helpin ya. Not that it woulda been
    fixed or anything tho...this sounds real bad and outta control and
    I can empathize with u man. I guess the only question I have
    is are u able to somehow move the grow ???

  10. look, there no need to mount your high horse.
    it was you that lowered the tone of the thread calling freak a "fucking prick" and what not.
    you blew up over nothing more than an expressed opinion (which correct me if im wrong is what a forum is for) - hence the menstration comment

    you seem like an emotional guy, thats all
  11. Its all good - lets try n fix this...


  12. Broken back + broken sternum + disc fractures + powdery mildew= ME MOVING 10 GALLON POTS ALL DAY for FUCKED WEED. Yeah I am a VERY emotional guy.
    -Realizing I was wrong and apologizing is mounting a high horse? It was actually kind of hard for me to do that lol...

  13. I have 6 plants 6 diff stains all from seed all 7 ft tall. Kandy kush ReservaPrada, dr.grinspoon BarneysFarm, og#18xskunk DNAgenetics, white widow Dutch Passion, Chocolope Dnagenetics, and BubbleGum SeriousSeeds. On 5/6 plants 90% of buds were PM free but fan leaves were very effected. 1 plant it had reached buds, but after our dispute, I really smogged the shit out of it by itself for hours and it seems good now. I drag them out of this "office" that I have into my front yard during the day. My front yard gets 7 hours direct sunlight a day right now. They go outside from about 10am-5pm. At 8-10am and at 5-7pm they are under over head 1000w and parabollic 1000w. At night, the problem is, this room has no ventilation. And its pretty cramped... In the morning the air is stale in there to say the least. There is seriously nothing I can do about this. I accidentally let these veg for 4 months under a few 1000 watts. I would say I'm brand new to this, and I may have spent some money in the wrong places.
  14. BTW- Moving the grow is exactly what I needed to hear. I will empty out my garage and spread them out in there at night. Good stuff.- Had I gotten what I wanted-only information on sulfur burners- this would have never come up. Thanks brother for being more patient with us assholes than most.
  15. no problem dude, i dont mean to be insulting
    its just annoying if people abuse freak
    he gives a lot to this forum outta his good will, and it would be a shame
    if he withdrew this help, as new growers need someone experienced to help sometimes
    you sound like you got a full plate dude,sorry for getting the claws out so to speak.

    good luck dude


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