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Suite mate in college...your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So I'm living at college, and my suite mates (the students I share I bathroom with) smoke with me a lot. It's usually always my weed we smoke, and I feel it has been going one-way.

    So last night I bought 1.5 grams of dro from my dealer as a two-day personal stash to get through the tough fall days. I shared some with my best friend when I picked up, and later I smoked with the suite mate who I am closest to and he was thankful.

    Before I went to work last night, I told my suitemate (the one this thread is about) that we could smoke after my shift. So, we did...eventually. He was an hour and a half later than our planned sesh time. He didn't give me a heads up. He just got drunk somewhere, crashed into the room, and asked to smoke. He kept asking me to hurry up with prep and was getting pissy...after we got done smoking, he said he could not hang and never spoke to me the rest of the night...

    So today I wanted a beer, and he has like 18 of them. I asked if I could have one, and he said no. I asked why, and he said he goes through them too fast to give them out for free. I reminded him that I smoked the last of my weed with him, most of it, and he went on to question why I even wanted a beer from him.

    He now thinks I'm being pissy...I feel justified :(
  2. I'd drill little holes in everybeer. Drain, Then fill with piss. Turn upside down and superglue hole. Replace. then wait.
  3. yeah dont let them smoke you they are obviously using you. he cant give you one beer what a cunt

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