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Suitable peanut butter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 13, 2010.

  1. This Saturday me and my friend want to make some firecrackers, and i would just like to know if Kraft creamy peanut butter is good for this? Because the guide mentioned the peanut butter must be oily. This:

  2. That would probably work ok; it has the same fats you need to bond to the THC for consumption. However if you can get some that has the oil and solids separate, you'll have a much better firecracker with it.
    Sadly you don't have too many options in a "normal" grocery store for natural penutbutter, but you can still find it; health food stores and Co-ops will have exactly what you need.

    Enjoy the eddibles man!!!
  3. Ever try canna-burgers? Works better than firecrackers imo and tastes HELL of a lot better.
  4. Wrong thread man.

    Also cooking a burger you'll be losing alot of your THC through cooking it off and grease in the pan. Unless you add it while the meat rests?

    If you've done it put a post in Mr'sED's test kitchen and let us know the beauty of a canna-burger!!
  5. if your gonna use that peanutbutter, just stir in a little olive/canoil/whatever edible oil into it to guarentee you will have enough, i used skippy/nutella, and some olive oil....cant taste it, and i get fucking super high hahahah
  6. Thanks man! This would still work though right? i dont really have the option of buying another kind of peanut butter just for this haha :smoking:
  7. Can you give me an exact measurement of how much olive oil / vegetable oil or w/e i should add per firecracker? it will be around .3gs of weed in each
  8. as a canadian im aware of the kraft pnb. it COULD work but to be safe i would invest in another

    you can get organic pnb at shopper drug mart (most of them). its good cauase usually some oil comes to the top- so you can get more fat then a normal spoon.

    i also have some skippy pnb in my fridge. this is some typical american shit.

    it has 8 grams of fat with only 2 of protein.(most pnbs are 8fat 4 protein).

    so this skippys pnb - tho the worst pnb healthwise is prob the best you can find for firecrackers.
    shiiit it almost has as much fat as mayonaise.
  9. i dunno at all man, i just put the nutbutter (lol) and the nutella in a little bowl, and stirred in some olive oil.... so it was still viscus enough to spread but almost to the point where it will drip off of shit easily..... like natural peanut butter man ,its all oily hahaha

  10. oh god, i just got a picture of someone making a mayo firecracker, then i fucking mentally puked all over my skull
  11. haha alright.. just asking cause im really really bad at doing anything involving cooking / food :D I can fuck anything up if i just eye it :D
  12. so am i man, first time i made firecrackers, i just did exactly what i said up there....never failed me...cept once...but i got high and forgot i was baking shit, then when my upstairs smelled of peanut butter, i had 4 small black squares...that i wasnt going to fucking eat lol
  13. Haha that sucks :D I really hope it works, never had any edibles before.

    So if i make two with .3g's each would that get me and my friend stoned? We both have pretty low tolerance as we smoke about once or twice a week
  14. if its dank and cooked right, hell yea, it should
  15. Haha well its either high mids or dank im not sure :p I cant really see crystals but ive never really looked at it from close (its my friends weed) its all very small perfect looking nugs with a lot of hairs though. Thanks for all the help man!

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