suicide ?

Discussion in 'General' started by alex420de, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. any else thinks his life sux ? i do, i am ugly and pot is what i am all about ...
  2. If pot is what your all about, why suicide?

  3. becos, i am 16 and i had just once sex !
  4. Man you're only 16 and you're thinking of ending your life? Your life hasn't even begun dear, tough it out! The good years haven't even arrived yet, trust me! I was a very depressed 15-year-old and now I look back and go holy shit boy was I WRONG!

    And I hate to break it to ya, but sex and good looks do not make your life easier to deal with, or happier. Life is what YOU make of it. You can't just say God gave me a raw deal, I'm outta here. That's a cop-out, sorry to sound harsh but it is. He gave the MAJORITY of us a raw deal, he's testing us out, see? :)

    Try to find a hobby, go do something new, or go somewhere new, don't just stick to what you know, life is dull that way. Do anything, it sure beats dying! You have your whole life ahead of you to do what you want with it, hell I'm 25 and my life is not exactly a bowl of cherries, but I adjust my life and myself to make it the best I can. If it's out of my control, I just accept things as they are. It's tough, I know it is, I still find myself in tears at times over things I have no control over! I have chosen more than once to take the harder paths in life, and have learned "the hard way" more than I like, but what I learned on that path is more valuable to me than anything, and I feel I have experienced alot in life to make me who I am now.

    You can always change your life. One thing you can't change is the fact that you're DEAD. Like my quote (Oysterhead), "there ain't no cure for suicide!" You are NOT coming back into this world, you can't just go "OH NEVERMIND!" Think about THAT. Think about the possibilities you have in this world. You may feel like you hit a "dead end" now, but fear not! There is a bend in the road you can't even see from where you are right now, and around that bend are events you could not even imagine fathomable! Hang on tight for the ride, and don't jump off the rollercoaster of life, it's tough, nobody said life's easy (except for rich motherfuckers, but they don't count), but it sure as HELL WORTH THE RIDE.

    And if you want to talk to anyone and are feeling blue, feel free to PM me, I've been in your shoes and I know it hurts. Just be strong, toke a phatty and listen to some good music.
    (((hugs on you))) and welcome to grasscity, please stick around friend!
  5. i'll be 16 next month, weed is the only thing i have in my life. But thats ok because weed is enough from keeping me from killing myself. I just dream about the weed i'll be growing and smoking later in life. now if i end up going to jail for a while, i see me killing myself.
  6. youre mad cuz youve only had sex once!?!?! damn, now youve got me all depressed....i never had "relations" till i was almost 18....dammit now i feel like crap, i better go take my herbal medicine
  7. I prob shouldn't say this to someone who's thinkin of suicide but....your a fuckin stupid ass.....if you think u should kill yourself cause u only had sex once u got sum probs...i know people older than u that've had sex less than u....and if weed is the only thing keepin u from killin yourself.....then you should prob sober up, look at your life and compare it to some other people....undoubtable there are many out there much worse off than u.

    (grr i wanna say more mean things...)

  8. I know what your talking about.
    My modavation "Fuck it all." If theres a problem just say "Fuck it all!" and do something fun.
    death i the easy way out but i stick it out too see whas next.

    Sex once?
    Heres a fact for ya. I'm a 17 year old virgin. I hate the fact but i can't seem to get myslef to ask girls out. I had only one girlfriend and she dumped me.

    There are people more worse off than you. Point and laugh at them. I am an open target.

    I got bad grades. Ive had only one A in almost 3 years of highschool.

    I feel lonely all the time. And I have yet to put on the noose.

    Stick it out. Fuck it all. Point and laugh.

  9. HAHA!! (the thumbs up is supposed to be pointing at deadhead)

    deadhead, you said it man, if i were in the situation where i was 16 or almost 16 and *only* had sex once id be on cloud 9...fuck definitely be on atleast cloud 15...

    really, with all sincerety alex, even if you were 40 and still a virgin, that is no excuse to end your life. No matter what happens in life, theres nothing that can justify someone just giving up like that. No matter how romantic you'd make it sound or how well your suicide note explained things, it would still come down to you being someone who was selfish enough to think they were justified in taking their own life.

    i mean, jesus, when i get all worked up about something or i get really down, i like to spark one up and go for a walk, i lay down on the grass or sit somewhere in the woods by myself and just think about things, sometimes for only a couple of minutes, sometimes for hours and sometimes a whole day. I sit there and listen to nature, I breath in and out deeply, i watch animals, insects, and plants going through their day, doing what they do naturally, i jump up and down, i laugh, i cry, i just enjoy life for what it is...dont fall for all this superficial bullshit that you hear in highschool or from your friends. Because if a succesful "life" to you is being good at getting laid, or having the coolest car, or the newest clothes or any of that crap, then you really havent lived... you need to just sit down and tell yourself,"hey,im 16, ive only lived a fraction of my long life, and generally these times of my life are going to be some of the hardest ever, so if i can get through these years in one piece, just imagine what ill be capable of when im older...". Just remember that you're not the only one going through or that has already gone through this steaming pile of teenaged hormone crap, and the people who look like they arent, usually end up being the ones having the shittiest time with it, and are just good at pretending theyre fine.

    besides, if all else fails...there's always someone out there desperate enough to fuck you for a cheeseburger and a pack of cigs, and that in itself shows how well off you are compared to most others.

    (sorry for getting all "after school special" on you, but i just felt the need to express myself and send out a little cyber love your way)

    The number one rule you should always remember when your getting suicidal, is if the reason doesnt sound good on your tombstone(i.e. "didnt get laid enough"), then its not worth dying over.
  10. This is why I think people should wait til after their turbulent years to smoke bud. I dont' know about you guys, but smoking pot makes me much less active in doing things that are real important. I'm 20, and I started smoking at 19. I really couldn't imagine how I could have gotten through my high school years if all I did was smoke pot. Alex, if you really think your life is that bad, quit smoking pot and do something with your life. When you're satisfied that your life is where it should be, then you can give weed a second go.

    My $0.02

  11. Suicide's the coward's way out. Only the stong survive, life isn't fair. You might say that nothing matters to you anymore but nothing will ever matter again once you're gone. It's a big answer to all the small problems in your life. Just think in your mnd that you're already dead, then you won't really give a shit. That's what I do. Live for the day not tomorrow. Keep in mind, for every dark night there's a brighter day
  12. Man, this is the best place to have brought your feelings to. You got alot of family here.

    My 2 cents - if pot is all you are, then do something constructive about that part of you - have you ever thought of becomming active in this war for legalization? The world out there needs to be educated on the uses and benefits of pot.

    Stay cool!
  13. OMG, this forum is awesome, only cool, nice potheads, maybe i spent more time here :) , i dont know what to do ... today comes my ex girlfriend to my house to "talk" stupid bitch .. :(
  14. I cried because I had no shoe's until I met a man who had no feet!! At your age you're unfortunately goin' to face many more hard times in your life! I'm 45 and have had many of those dark days, but even at my age, I look forward to the mystery ahead of me. You can never tell what may happen tomorrow, but every day above ground is a GREAT day. Feel free to talk to us here at the CITY as lots have been where you are at in your life. The key word here is LIFE!![​IMG]
  15. You will look back in a 2-5 years and see how easy and fun a)your life is now b) you life could have been. Gosh I so regret not doing so much stuff when I was 16. But now in my twenties life is grand. Life is full of ups and downs you just have to enjoy it all. And if ganja helps you all the better. =)

    Cheer up and smile

  16. fuck it has got to be the best advice for you

    sex is great but not the only thing life is about

    and ugly people are not the only ones not geting laid

    dont feel sory for yourself

    most teenagers think of suicide at least a million times

    dont make it a habit to stair down all the time

    the more you look at the bottom of your life

    the more you are pulled down to it

    most people dont even realize they have a potential

    nevermind spend any time trying to reach it

    fuck the people who think your ugly

    in a few years they will wrinkle up and be ugly themselves

    looks are temp your mind lasts forever

    all you do is smoke? try reading mite help you

    all you need to do is find a direction you like and move in it

    youll get to the end in plenty of time

    good luck

  17. I read this post last nite and figured I'd think it over before I put my reply. As I suspected all my noble commrades have already spread the good word.

    I like to keep up with things with the younger blades here because my oldest boy will be 14 this year (OMG). I don't feel ancient, why just yesterday I myself was in high school bein' a typical teen, feeling my way into adulthood. I was a dork all the way through grade school and now that I think about it the first couple of years into high school. One thing I realized is comparing myself to everyone else generally brought me down. I had to figure out who I was and try to improve on that! Oh and remember the girls your age are goin through their own little versions of hell right now. Try to be a little more lighthearted and don't take everything that happens right now ot heart. Chalk it up as lessons learned.
  18. I'm 16 myself and i'll admit ive gotten depressed before, had thoughts that i was ugly etc. i found that hanigng out with my friends and people that are really positive can help out alot. Last summer i played this game called everquest and it was a near physical addiction. I'd go days without brushing my teeth, id stay up really late playing it and id turn the computer on right when i got up and id play it till 3 in the morning or later. The fact was i was depressed and i used the game as a cructh... and it wasnt worth it at all. On my 16th birthday my mom had a buisness trip and my stepdad was gone the whole day and all i did was play this game.

    It's taken most of this school year to get any of my confidence back and try to get on the upswing and to be positive... so basically ive learned dont get too down on yourself because suicide isnt an awnser no matter how you look at it...and it will affect the people that love you more than you could imagine. There are people out there that will and do love you for who you are. If you stick with it you can ride out the tough time you're having.

    As far as having sex once at the age of've gotten alot farther than alot of people have. Not that many people have sex before they get out of highschool in fact its like 50% of guys and about 30% of girls so its not as many people as you would think. Hey im still a virgin and as much as i dont like it, im probably better off in the long run because i want to go through college and make a good life for myself and having a kid or an std would really put a damper on thoes plans.

    All in all if you've got a problem you can just post it here. Ive learned that here at grasscity its all about the love and people will take your thoughts/questions very seriously.

    ^^ dont be too hard on yourself
  19. Dude when you commit suicide, it creates a hell for everyone u once cared about. one of my friends sister committed suicide over mardi gras break because she got arrested and didn't want to have to face her parents. She drank a bottle of drain cleaner in the police station bathroom. That was my friend's second sister to commit sucide. It's just hell man.

    I've thought about suicide before. At the time my mom had recently died. My brother was in and out of jail(he went away for 6months for being busted with 12lbs of kind bud and 40 hits of acid). But then i realized that i'm a cornesrstone in what family i have left. If i commited suicide it would be the end of my brother and dad too. My dad suffered fom clinical depression at the time too.

    It's a year later and

    My bro is out of jail and engaged to be married. I've got a bunch of real cool friends that care about me. My dad has gotten help for his depression and now he's looking at job offers.

    See man when u think its bad keep in mind it can get better too.
  20. if 50% of guys have had sex by 16 and only 30% of girls have...wouldnt that leave a hell of alot of dudes havin sex either by themselves or with other dudes?.....i just toked up and read this and now im gonna be thinking about this nonstop until someone explains this to me.

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