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  1. I havent been a member here for too long but this is really something that I dont want to see become a trend here.

    I fully understand that there are people in this world who are seriously at that point in their lives where suicide seems like the only option, but at some point you have to wonder who is being serious and who is looking for attention here.

    Suicide isnt something to joke about, and its certianly not something to go around telling people everytime something goes wrong in your life. I had a close friend way back in the day who killed himself and you know what?

    He didnt say a word to anyone...

    People who actually WANT to kill themselves dont go around telling people about it. People who actually WANT to kill themselves dont ask for help or ask for advice, they already have the answer.

    Its the people who WANT to live a good and happy life that are asking for all the advice and help, otherwise why would you care about what other people have to offer?

    If you've actually hit a point in your life where you are seriously looking at suicide as a means to solve your problems, do me a favor....

    DONT come to GrassCity for help. Nothing against the city or anything, but you're not talking to a bunch of doctors here or people that are trained to deal with this sort of thing. From what ive seen, half of the advice you'll get around here is just going to be horrible anyway.

    If you're seriously suicidal, the best advice you'll see around here is to go get some professional help....quickly. If really you want to right the ship, tell anyone in your personal life that has the means to help you do so.
  2. I agree to SOME extent. I have felt like i cant talk to anyone, and when i do, i feel like my voice is never heard, or i can never get the words out right. my god, i used to be depressed as hell.

    I am still a bit from time to time, i think i am manic depressive. I think when people talk about it, its there cry for help.

    Weather or not someones actually going to commit suicide, if someone is feeling that down about life, they NEED to be talked too.

    believe me dude, i know what its like to not have anyone to talk too. its so fucking horrid.

  3. I understand completely. Trust me, being an only child leaves you with that feeling of having nobody to talk to...especially when you feel yourself slipping into depression.

    I have been through and seen things in my lifetime that I will never share with the people here, its just to personal. However, I spent about 3 solid years of my life locked in my room....the word "depressed" doesnt even describe what I was feeling during this time.

    I had thought about suicide (everyone does at least once or twice) a lot, but in the back of my mind it was never really an option...just a thought. On top of that, I didnt want anyone to know that I was even having those thoughts.

    I guess the point of the thread is that if you want someone to talk to or you need advice, by all means come to GrassCity if thats what makes you feel better. However, dont come here telling people youre going to "off" yourself.

    People dont turn to suicide because of an external problem, its an internal problem. People live through, see, and experience fucked up shit on a daily basis (far worse than your girlfriend leaving you)...most of them dont kill themselves because of it.

    Its not the severity of the problems we face, but rather the way we deal with them that either kills us or makes us stronger.

    I might be wrong, but people who turn to suicide once will almost certainly turn in that direction again at some point in time during their lives if they dont get serious help...not help from GC.

    Thats all im sayin...
  4. Yeah I agree. Sometimes its hard to tell who is serious and who isn't. I mean I can sympathize with peoples problems because we all have our own sets, but people who are just wanting attention I have no sympathy for.
  5. It is getting to be a rather disturbing trend, it seem like teenage angst to me
  6. About 86 Americans will kill themselves every day, so no it's not a trend, but maybe it's finally more vocal.

    I do know some people do it for attention, but those people are easy to spot, and they should get help anyway, because there better be something wrong if you think faking a suicide attempt is a good way to get attention.

    It saddens me so many posts about suicide have been on the city, but perhaps it's because these blades feel the people in their real lives won't listen to them, so they come here to vent, who knows.

    I know a lot of people who have or have tried to kill themselves, including myself so it's hard to really label exactly how a depressed person acts.

    I agree, most people don't ask for help that truly may be thinking about suicide, but others towards the very end of their rope may reach out, just to see if anyone does actually care. I know that most of my friends didn't help me at all, or didn't even know I was that depressed, and it lasted years, not just a few months.

    Some of the happiest people I know, have killed themselves, and I wish they had talked to anyone, ANYWHERE, even if it was online. Doctors don't help, I've been in all sorts of counseling and stuff, but I'd never willingly go tell anyone I wanted to die. To this day I still won't go talk to a doctor about my depression and such because I saw one of my friend's sister hauled off in an ambulance when she went and got "help", so doctors, even if they are better educated, don't alway help.
  7. I have attempted suicide once....and i consider it the biggest mistake of my life. Ever since that day i have taken each day for what it is. I was reading the other suicide thread and someone tried to disprove that it was selfish. It is selfish, because you are having trouble dealing with your issues you are going to bring down alot of people around you because you cant handle it. I remember, even in my drugged up stupor, (i took 51 nyquil within a half an hour) the look on my mothers and aunts face as i sat in the emergency room. I never want to cause anyone the pain that i caused them that night again. I can honestly say i didnt do it for attention. Mine was a stupid decision i made when i was pissed off, i didnt go telling people about it, i didnt post it on the internet, i just wrote my note walked to the store bought the shit and downed it....if your coming here or anywhere else online saying your going to kill yourself, i honestly think your just doing it for attention, because if you honestly hated living you wouldnt be online telling people you would be ending it....when you come here your not going to get help because we know you are just lookin for attention....if you honestly wanted to fix your problems you would seek out professional help, not come to a stoner forum and piss and moan about how your life is so much worse than everyone elses.

    I have been down that road and trust me its not worth it, suicide is the ultimate selfish act. You are doing it for only yourself remember that.
  8. suicide is for cowards. plain and simple. i think we have all been down the road.. its just how we handle the situations we are put in.

    suicide threads should be against the rules. there are plenty of help resources available which dont include making yourself the center of attention, because most of the time, thats all the people are doing anyways.

    GC should just make a Physical and Mental Health board.. this would provide a place for discussion of not only suicide threads, but other health issues.

    It just doesnt belong in this section of the forum. IMO.

    Hell there are even boards here in french and like 8 boards about how to grow weed.. so why not make one that would benefit the members?

    just my 2 cents.
  9. lets just create a section under the forums noted "Suicide Threads"
  10. Seconded
  11. Honestly.. they should just be against the rules alltogether.. i noticed the rules say you cant talk about guns or violence or anything of that nature.. how would that not include you taking your own life?

    Its just stupid.. its a situation I had to deal with farr to many times in school, and the affects it has just cant be measured.

  12. I kind of take offense to that. Being a first year medical student I don;t know much but I do know that doctors can and want to help. Sure theres alot who do it for the money, but if you go see a good psychologist they can help get your life back on track. The only reason why a psychologist or psychiatrist would ever haul someone off in an ambulance is to baker act them( I believe I'm using the wrong spelling of the terminology but hey). The doctor probably thought she was in immediate danger. You need to go speak about your depression, life is not supposed to be like this. You sure as hell shouldnt be happy all the time, but there no reason to label yourself as a depressed person, especially if you havent been diagnosed by a MD.

    Furthermore, finding the right doctor is crucial, ask some friends or co-workers if they know of a good therapist. You would be surpised at how many see them. The most expensive doctor isn't always the best. You must find the therapist that most closely relates to YOU. The therapist is there to work out all those deep dark secrets that you've been hiding. Don't be afraid to see a therapist and ask for help. It's human nature that we survive on others. Suicide may only be a thought in the back of your mind now, but soon it may maifest into a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Choose wisely
  13. If you're going to off yourself, make the final debate a bit more substantial than a thread on a forum.
  14. Suicide is serious so get a doctor. I even think that the so called "cries for help" are serious and require a doctors help.
  15. I can label myself depressed because of certain things I did for 6 years, and it's been 8 years since I would say I first started feeling depressed, but no I don't want to see a doctor. I don't want to spend a fortune, because I'm poor as hell. I also don't want to be on all sorts of medication, I've been told before I might be borderline or bi-polar and I don't want "happy pills".

    So sorry you feel insulted, but it's true, most doctors don't give a shit about their patients. Suicide was in the front of my mind for 6 years, I was the one who turned it around, with no help from anyone else. It's in the back of my mind now, and for me, that's good enough, I don't think about it and I know I'll never do it. I've buried too many people who committed suicide, I know better.
  16. While its true that some people don't say anything when they are going to commit sucide, a lot of people do. They're cries for help/attention. I definately don't think this is the right place to do it though. =/
  17. Often times people who are in the early stages of considering suicide are somewhat shocked that these thoughts are pervading their mind, and look outwards for help. There is nothing wrong with this, and we should feel honored that people feel comfortable with this community to the point where they can admit these things. People who feel this way need help and compassion, not criticism. How do you think this thread is making the people who have posted the very threads you admonish. Guilty, ashamed, further depressed? Not cool. The city is about the love of green, and the love of green is about the love of all.
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  19. I agree with the OP, if you guys got some serious problems, dont bring that shit on here. This aint no self help forum. If you get off this shit and hang yourself, well goddamnit, I DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT LEAD UP TO IT. Find some real help, not a bunch of stoners on the internet :)
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