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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blunted, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. got me some real dank buds, but im chillin at home and have nothin to smoke out of. Im out of papers and I don't have a pipe or anythin'...any suggestions?
  2. We call 'em steam rollers
  3. take sum tinfoil and wrap it around a pencil and leave a decent amount of tinfoil at the end (this is the bowl) Then when its wrapped try to make a bowl out of the extra tinfoil.... me and my friends have made sum awesome pieces this way....
  4. you could always do the po' ass thang and get an empty aluminum can and make a pipe out of that...

    or get an empty 2-liter and make your self a good ol' gravity bong :)
  5. go with the soda can hitter..takes like 2 seconds make
  6. You could always smoke out of an apple. Thats supposed to be easy and good. Or you could try the knife hits that have been brought up a few times. OR BUY A PIPE. =) arent you in a pickle.


  7. How do you smoke out an apple and what is a knife hit? They sound interesting.
  8. I'd deffinately get some "hot knifes" going :) theyre superb..

    all you need is a fire, 2 knifes, and a 2 litre bottle with bottom off...

    heat knifes till red, pick up weed and rub together your weed inbetween the knifes .. do this while holding it just under the bottle, all the smoke comes up ... Take ur hit !

    WARNING !!

    Never try one of these on ur own, they're impossible lol


  9. not true, a self served knife hit is called a pro hit. It's basically the same, only you have a straw in your mouth instead of a two liter
  10. Yeh but thats a bit shite I think .. dont have all the hit in one go ... although I might have a go one day ;-)
  11. if you are not to religious, you can always rip a page out of a small bible or book. you might go straight to hell for it but it's worth it for the time being.

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