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  1. Alright i've got alot of bag seeds and i really wanna grow a plant.
    1. with schwag seeds, will i be able to grow some dank buds?
    2. im still living with my parents so i would need this to be stealthy and moveable to hide it.
    3 will it smell?

    thanks in advance
  2. you can totally grow dank buds with bagseed. it's tough to grow amazing buds on the first try though. usually you screw up somewhere in the process. at least i did. with bagseed, it's really just a game of chance. you never know what strain you are going to get. sometimes it's awesome and sometimes it sucks. as for making your grow stealthy, i saw somebody use a rubbermaid storage container as a grow box. search for it on here. it's a really good idea and it looks super natural in a closet, ya know? and for your final question....yes, it will smell. there are things you can do to control the smell though, such as filtering or buying some odor neutralizing agent. it won't smell for a little while though, so you can always worry about solving the smell issue later. hope this helps!
  3. thanks for the quick reply i have atleast 50 seeds, is there a way to keep my plants short? and what type of lights? can i just use reglar florescent?
  4. yes, you can keep your plants short. read the stickie on LST (Low Stress Training). Any type of flourescent bulb will work, but CFL's work the best. They are basically power saving flourescent bulbs.
  5. alright i think i have an idea, i have an old tv in my room, i will look more into this tommorow. but i would like to gut it, this is an old old tv, and its fairly big. its next to my window so i could set up some sort of ventillation.

    does anyone know the minimal space i would need for bagseed and the LST?
  6. The answer is simple -- don't grown in your parents' house. They could end up in far more trouble than you for something they didn't do or even know about. Not cool.
  7. what toasty said unless your parents are cops then its cool...j/k
  8. I agree, No growin' at the parents house.

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