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  1. One plant is showing signs of flower (pre) and the other one I’m not sure it’s ready but it’s kinda difficult bc the plant has had some struggles do to heat.... [​IMG] I started this plant 2 months after and it’s almost at the same height as the others which I feel like is a problem but anyway I can expand the creating more colas or is it to late ?[​IMG][​IMG]this plant has been struggling bc I can’t figure out the issue it was facing I been trying to keep it steady
    Is this plant in pre flower or flower stage ?? And the tips I feel like might b a concern bc it’s tilting on a lot of the leaves and I was curious what can I do to boost the feeding for this particular plant I have nutes from FoxFarm ( Tiger bloom , Big Bloom n Grow Big ) but I wanna make sure I don’t over do anything any suggestions would b greatly appreciated

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  2. I'm not sure on all the answers, but the last one looks male to me... could be wrong.

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