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  1. My first ever indoor grow is progressing very well and I should be harvesting around the end of the month. It’s Auto Orange Bud from Dutch Passion which is a sativa based strain. I’m looking for recommendations for my next grow which I’m thinking of doing an indica based auto, possibly DP BlackBerry Kush. Anyone had good or bad experiences with this, or maybe some other recommendations? TIA!
  2. Some of the Mephisto indica autos are very good.
    Skywalker is only 60% indica, but it's excellent for sleep.
    StrawberryNuggets, CremeDeLaChem, 24Carat, and many others are excellent.
    Unfortunately payment is a hassle, but mailing cash is safe and easy.
    The DP Blackberry should be excellent.
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  3. To be honest....from my experience....with the breeders out there's hard to go wrong as long as you go reputably....But I agree with the above member....I just finished a Mephisto Genetics Toof Decay and looved it.
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