Suggestions on Swords?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flemian, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Im looking for a sword to buy and I think I have an Idea as to which one I would like to get but I want to see what my fellow blades would suggest. Im not interested in asain weaponry, Im looking for European swords.
  2. Zelda master sword replica.
  3. Get a bayonet sword. Dual purpose items are awesome during a down economy.

  4. I said something European.
  5. why?
    Things like this are just asking for trouble. What are you gonna do with it? mount it on your wall? then it might as well be made from aluminum. are you going to defend yourself? sounds like an easy way to hurt yourself rather than the person you're fighting.

    But fine, I understand this can be a hobby. and if that's the case, y not figure out how to make one yourself? imo that'd be much cooler than buying one.

  6. Because I dont have a smelter or raw steel.. Im not even gonna bother responding to the rest of the post.

  7. Legend of Zelda weaponry > any other.

  8. yep i'm just a hater.
  9. Ice from A Song of Ice and Fire trilogy?
  10. This looks dope.

  11. Well if your looking for an ok priced one go check out some flea markets. You can usually find a guy selling knives and swords.
  12. Claymores are generally what people think of when they hear the term "sword." They're pretty badass, and were widely used during the Medieval period. I think "claymore" is the Anglicization of a Gaelic word, though I don't know which dialect of Gaelic.

    Personally, I've always wanted a long sword because of their sizes. Pretty impressive when you think that people were going to battle with swords almost as tall as people were back then! When you factor in how much those things weighed it's even more impressive.

    That's about all I know about European swords. I own a couple Asian swords and would love to have a couple of European and Arab ones to showcase next to them.

  13. Outrageous price and sold out from the official store but it is bad ass.
  14. awww yeahh! this^
  15. I was with this guy once and he bought one from a store at the Maplewood mall in MN that had like 2 blades but one was shorter than the other and there were like 5 giant spikes coming off the handle.

    It looked expensive.
  16. Mothafuckin gunblade

    Or a buster sword replica.. Lol
  17. The above one is stupid looking, give me a realistic and somewhat practical piece of steel over a showy thing that looks like something from a video game. There is nothing more terrifying to a wannabe burglar than that crazy motherfucker who chases them away with a cutlass in his tightey whiteys.
  18. Hell yes. If I was going to get a replica sword it would be a gunblade for sure!

    Or Tidus' brotherhood sword from 10.
  19. Cant say, I'd get a katana way before a claymore. Those things are a bitch to swing.
  20. Hmm. if you watched LOTR, Aragon or w/e had a sick claymore. Id look for something similar

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