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    Plants are 5 weeks in veg. Starting to show signs some sort of stress...R.O. water only used . I was running the "recipe for success" nutes at 1/3 strength from weeks 3 to 5. Water temps are around 74-78. ph around 5.8- 6.0.
    Did water change yesterday and only added ph'd R.O. water with NO nutes incase nute burn is occurring. I plan on running the R.O. water ph'd w/o nutes for the next week or two to help "flush" these. I plan to do a SCROG with these two babies.
    Thanks for your replies...

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  2. What were your parts per million (ppm)? They had to have been waaay too high. What size pots/buckets u usin? Ive been doin real well using a little less than 1/3 strength. If you're using buckets try using the strength you have been using n one bucket BUT make it into two and KEEP THAT PH IN CHECK!
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    It's nute burn...

    Your PH is a little on the high side..
    Perfect is 5.8, in veg you want to keep it on the low side, 5.7 - 5.9, and when flowering you want to keep it on the higher side, 5.8 to 6.0..

    This is the reason why:

    Remember, once the damage is done, it will not fix itself even if the problem is fixed...
    So the nute burn will not turn green again...

    Also your res temp is WAY to high!!
    All higher temps do is promote bad things to grow in your nutes..
    You can freeze soda bottles filled with water and use them to cool the res down...
    You need to monitor the ppm, so get a good ppm meter...
  4. I am using currently recipe for success and veged about 5 weeks, but my plants were bigger (I am keeping my PH level as close as possible to 5.8)... Probably some kind nutrient lock... What is your air temperature and humidity?
    P.S.You can look at my journal to compare nutrient dosage and rest of the readings to yours, it might help to determine the problem....
    P.P.Are you checking your PH/PPM every day??
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    Thanks for the replies fellow blades...
    I have these in a sound proof room that I built in half of my garage (16' X 9'). They are in a 60"w X 30"d X 60"h tent.
    It has a portable a/c unit in there that keeps the air temp around 73-77 all day but the temps climb a bit in the late evening due to the a/c being off for specific reasons. Humidity levels ... I am not too sure of... no way to measure them as of now.
    I've done the frozen water bottle trick before to lower res temps. But that only lasts about 2 hours before that bottle is totally melted and the res starts to climb again.
    I know , I need a chiller, but right now... cash strapped.
    I did take some water (16 oz.) out of each bucket last night and added 11/64th's strength of nutes (that's half of a 1/3 strength) to that. Fed each one 8 oz. of that nute mixture and as of this morning, they have perked up a bit. Dialing down the nutes may be the trick... Thanks again Brother's (and sisters) in Bud.

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