Suggestions On Micro-Grow Box?

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  1. Ok so I am currently constructing (technically converting) my first grow box. It is a strange dimension cabinet that has two layers to work with. For now I am only concerned about the top half of it. I intend to grow one plant at a time with this (eventually cycle top flower & bottom veg for 2 plants) and I want to get the most out of the space as possible.
    Originally it was desingned with shelves for holding cd's and dvds and watnot. I removed all of that, sterelyzed it. I am lining it with almn foil (I ran out) and installing grow lights. It is not done and I am open to suggestions for the design.
    The interior demensions are appx 10x20". I have room for a fan, and one adult plant or 3 seedlings (from which the best will be chosen).
    As for lighting I currently have one fluourescent T8 grow light and I plan to add one more next to it. My first question is should I get another of the same lights or a blacklight version of it? I have read before that mixing spectrums in the 18/6 Veg state is possible. Or should I just stick to having two of the same lights and then swich to flowering lights when I go 12/12?
    In terms of the grow itself it is also my first weed grow; luckily I have devoted several years to studying the art before attempting it. And I also have 2 years worth of horticulture classes to back me up on this. So I am not too worried but I will still be open to suggestions for that as well.
    So here's the pics...
    I mainly want to know about lighting, max plant size/time in veg + flowering, some basic smell masking ideas, and airflow (I am stuck on a few ideas still). I want this perfect before I put plants in it.
    The whole thing.
    Looking inside.
    Inside looking up.
    Inside looking down.

  2. Looks like a good start. The aluminium foil can be bad, add mylar or a car reflector for your windsheild. Get some cfl bulbs and have them as close to your plants without burning them. You can add more cfl's as time goes by if you dont have the budget. You need atleast a small fan to have stronger stems and cool down the grow. You could get by without one but as long as you have your water at the right ph, your growing medium dosnt have slow release chemical balls. Invest your time and money in some nutrients so the plant dosnt have a nitrogen or any other deficiency/problem which will cause slower growth.
  3. Thanks, I appriciate the tips! I am looking into the mylar first b/c I still need to finish lining it anyways so the almumn foil can go no problem. I was thinking about cfl bulbs as well but I would have to find ways of instaling sockets (not too hard but still a challange). I know that I am going to get one more fluourescent bulb to go next to the one that is in there. And as for keeping the plants close to the lights I plan to re-install one of the shelves and make it shift layers as the plant size changes. For a fan I plan on using either a mini desk fan or 2-3 computer fans mounted to the back to save space.
    As for the soil I intend to get some organic non-fertalized soil and take care of the nutrients myself according to the plants needs. I am only growing from bag seed so idk any  particular strain names; but I only take seeds that come from good weed at least, no mid/schwag seeds. Only the occasional seed found in higher quality stuff (I have 4 from a years worth of collecting lol).

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