Suggestions on how to clean bowl piece

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  1. So I got part of the pipe clean but I have no idea how to get to the entirety of this pipe. It doesn't fit in a gallon baggie for me to put it inside and leave with alcohol and salt. Does anyone have suggestions for how to clean a pipe this long???

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    Try soaking a pipe cleaner in ISO then shoving it down the pipe, or put the piece in boiling water and boil all the resin/shit out of it :smoke:
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  3. I don't like using ISO or alcohol to clean my pieces. I just use boiling water and pipe cleaners, works great.
  4. i would plug up the bowl end and pour some iso down it and use pipe cleaners as the abrasive instead of salt. you probably wont get it totally clean. i personally recommend against using boiling water the high heat can stress out cheaper pieces. not saying your is cheep but a Gandalf pipe like that is already very prone to breakage because of it's length.
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  5. 420 cleaner at your local smoke shop
  6. formula 420 works ok it's very over priced in my opinion though
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  7. get some shisk-ka-bob sticks and tape a q-tip to the end. Soak q-tip in alcohol and push it into pipe tube and scrub that crap out. Good luck.
  8. Blast hot water from the sink through it for five minutes. Then use alcohol to soak while the glass is still hot. Then pipe cleaners after it soaks long enough to cool. Repeat as necessary to get it clean.

    I usually blast hot water through my pieces until they are mostly clean. Then the alcohol soak over night. Save the alcohol to re-use again and again.
  9. If you have a vase fill that up with alchy n salt

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  10. I second the ISO and pipe cleaner technique. ...nice fuckin' pipe btw

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