Suggestions on a new car?

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  1. Looking for my first car, No Idea where to start so i could use some suggestions.
    Im looking for something between 25 and 30,000 Dollars Canadian.
    2007 and newer. A sports car would be sick, but not necc.

    yea, thats about all... help me out blades! lol
  2. you could probably find a nice deal on a nissan 300zx 2+2 TT for around that. lots of power, good on gas, faster then shit. i had one, it was the sex. now i have a 96 supra that's pushing 700 horses with the 2jz..
  3. yea a 300zx a supra is just a dyno queen anyways no usable power from a 2j just torque which is okay i guess
  4. pontiac solstice
  5. Get a nice STi, or how about a nice M series BMW... Id get something like that. Hell if you wanted to get real serious you get a real nice truck.
  6. Thanks.

    Well i kinda narrowed it down.

    2010 Mustang/ 2010 Camaro / 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe / 2007 BMW 335 coupe / 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt8

    Suggestions on any of these would help. My beef with the Mustang is fucking everyone has one nowadays. The Camaro looks sweet, My uncle works for GM building them, tells me their super nice. The Hyundai is a nice car but well, its a Hyundai lol. The BMW is sick, but my dad has a similar one(328i). The Jeep is nice, its fully loaded and originally goes for like 70g.

  7. Pretty sure it's not until 2011 that the Mustang puts the 5.0 engine back in...If you could hold off, and you're leaning towards the 'stang, I would jump on one of those.
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    The jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 is my dream car, thats my pick right there my man. you want a sports car but that beast will keep up with any sport/luxury car you find in that price range.


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  9. honda civic /thread

    or you could go with like a tsx or a tl.. not the new ones though, theyre ugly.

    get a 2008 tl.
  10. Yea, the Jeep is a monster. It's fast as shit, and like comes fully loaded, which none of the other cars do.

    I have to basically pick up a car in the next couple of weeks, so i probably cant do the 2011 Mustang.
    Plus, now that i saw the 2011 Mustang, i dont wanna get the 2010. THEY CHANGE THEIR DESIGN by like so much every year. It makes like 3 year old cars look way older.

    Dude. i have major beef with Asian Cars. Cant stand em. Im suprised i even have an Asian car still on my list. lol. Its all bout German and American cars lol.
  11. Fuck American cars - they are all huge boats that aren't fun to drive (Z06 the exception) because they weigh so fucking much.

    For that money I would be looking at a G35 or a 350Z.

  12. Lexus IS250 is pretty nice
    It's got that touch of sporty, with some class, and a pinch of luxury. So it's something that will still feel/look good in 5 years (won't have that college kid car look)

  13. Just be sure whatever car you get fits your lifestyle! It took me too long to figure that out.

    No matter how cool it looks, it is worthless if it is not practical to your day-to-day life.

    I am an avid outdoors person and I undertake a lot of home improvement/other side projects that I need transportation for. I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan and have never loved my car so much. It is just so supremely USEFUL (and no, I don't have kids -- actually, the back benches rarely come out of the storage shed, lol)! Of course, if I didn't actually use that space several times a week like I do, I would go with something smaller.

    The reverse is true as well. I see these douchebags in GIANT, really tough custom trucks, then they go over speed bumps at 2 miles an hour and never haul anything or take it off the pavement. So ridiculous and definitely suffering short man syndrome.

    Think long term!
  14. damnnn that shits slammed
  15. get a early 2000's lexus and put some nice wheels on it. reliability, speed, and style.
  16. You're saying this is your first car? Is it also okay to assume that you're around 20 or so? If that's the case, then 30K car is probably out of the question. A car should never consume more than 20% of your annual income in financing payments. And if it is, I rather blow my money on something else. Not blow, but invest.

    Keep in mind you have to pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, etc. Shit is costly. Understand your finances before you make the worst investment decision of your life.

    2010 Ford Fusion | Official Site of the Ford Fusion |

    The Fusion. Its not a bitch like the Focus. Gets pretty good gas mileage. You can probably haggle it down at the dealership if you get the '10 model this summer. They look to restock the '11 models towards Fall, and they'll do whatever to get those '10 models out during the summer.

    If you don't mind 2007+ cars, try to find a certifiable used car. My mom told me she was talking to a salesman at a dealership, and he said the certified used was bullshit. I think that isn't necessarily true because they come with a warranty, and they're fucked if certain things go down. The warranty will be helpful, and you get a chunk of $$$ for yourself.

    But I would go to your insurance company first, throw some makes and models into the comp, and see what it is.

    Now a days you can't go wrong with too much when it comes to cars. The Big 3 have changed their gameplan and are offering amazing financing. A lot of them are at 0%. I'd take advantage of that.
  17. Yea, im 20. But for various reasons the budget is $30,000. That is taking into consideration all the points you made.

    Right now, its at..

    Jeep SRT8



    Thoughts on Camaro? Im hardcore leaning towards the Jeep right now but going to Test drive some of these this weekend. Should be cool.

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