Suggestions on 8 plant perpetual?

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  1. So the room has a system of 8 potential 5 gallon containers using the sip method. It took a while to setup and get right due to hest issues this summer causing a failed attempt.
    So far I put two in the room under an HPS for 1i hours until I make the move to 12/12. I'm waiting on the smaller plant to gain some root growth. When I transplanted a week ago it's roots were minscule and I'm assuming due to the heat issues I was having. I have now opened the window to allow fresh air in. Soon I'll be running through cool hoods and sending the air towards the basement and can close thw window a bit or fully.

    I have two 250w lights. 1 HPS 1 mh. I havn't decided yet on the lights for the 8 plants. Two 400w? 1 600w? 1x1000w? I don't know the amount of electricity I can draw from this room either. I don't think I want to go over 1k watts. I've considered a light track but have heard stationary is better.

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  2. Yeah in a smaller space I wouldn't think a light track would provide much benefit anyway mate.....and far as the lights, I would opt for 2 400's, if you are planning on using decent size pots I would think two lights will give better coverage than just the 1 1000w.
  3. Excellent, that's what I'll aim for then. The pots are 5 gallon sips.

    Thanks for the reply..just looking for some encouragement.
  4. Any suggestions on trimming? Anyone suggest a max amount of bud sites per plants? Lower leaves?

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