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  1. i want to start growing when it warms up here in ohio....ive just been saving seeds from sacks that i that ok to work with?...i have around 20+ right now and what would be some good places to grow...outside...and what work do i have to do to the plant? when does it start to bud? when can i pick and make profit?
  2. They say you can make a dank as hell plant with a seed from mex but you have to listen and learn to do this. grow in a forest near by what a geurilla tackic is to get some bushes that will make your plant blend in uless of course you get a 7' moster. well you'll need to water it when it is thirsty ie when the soil is dry down about an inch. i suggest you grow the seedling in your house for the first 2 weeks til its in veg mode, when it gets to be june what you want to do is let it get a little dehyrated; til the leaves are crinkling that way the roots get bigger lookin for water and you get a bigger plant. you should plant at about april. and the its will finish the buds around october early november. when the hairs change colors is when they are finished, but then the levels of THC are low and CBN C?? are high, meaning less potent so pick em early.

    are you planning on curing and do you have anymore ? ?

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