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suggestions for pipe cleaning

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SmoothBlack, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. i have a standard bowl, ive heard rubbing alcohol and sea salt is good for cleaning bongs. does it work for bowls too? Also will hydrogen peroxide work as a substitute for rubbing alchol?
    thanks in advance
  2. yea man get a plastic zip lock baggy and put soem rubbing alchohol in there then throw the bowl in and let it sit for a while.
  3. when i clean my dry pieces i rinse them with warm-hot water and then i pour some listerine in it and cover all the holes and shake it up for a little while and then rinse it out again. after that i use a tooth pick to clean out any resin that i can reach throught all the holes and after that i just stuff a paper towel down the mouth hole as far as i can and tiwst it till its all clean. it usually gets them pretty clean
  4. you can boil your bowl...just dont do it a lot or the glass gets thinner and thinner everytime. but that is the way to get your bowl basically looking like you just bought it.
  5. The iso/salt method works for cleaning all glass, it's awesome. I don't know if hydrogen peroxide will substitute, but just go and get some 90%+ iso, it's like 2 bucks for a bottle.

    Before you wash it wish the iso/salt, do warm water/salt in a baggie and shake it around nicely to loosen up the resin, and then do iso/salt in a baggie and shake it around to clean it up nicely, if shit is really stuck to it let it sit in the alcohol for a bit.

    Also if you can grab some pipe cleaners from an arts and crafts place or something, they work so well and if you use iso/salt and a pipe cleaner you can get your piece spotless. Good luck.
  6. Dipping some Q-tips in iso after the ziplock method above works to clean out those tough spots too if you don't have any pipe cleaners.
  7. nail polish remover works best for me. acetone is crazy powerful. mix it with some salt and pour it into your piece inside a ziplock. half the resin is gone the second it touches the bowl.
  8. Warm water in a glass. Submerge into glass but be carefull because vibrations get amplfied in the water(You're pipe will break from less of a hit.)

    If you just use the hottest water you're sink puts out it won't be hot enough to affect the glass or crack it from rapid tempature change.

    Then Q-tip it afterwrads. Paper clips make it look horrible and scratch you're bowl.
  9. H2O2 will not substitute for IPA in this case.
  10. i dont know where you live but lets say everclear is legal in you state or i guess you might now live in the us but w.e haha get everclear or you could find a way to purify Hcl or something like that (purifying any acid is pretty scary stuff you could get really hurt but if you have a metal or glass pipe its a good idea)

    hope i helped

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