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  1. Hi everyone this is my first post so if I'm posting in the wrong section ( which i don't believe I am) feel free to move it.

    So I just wanted to ask around and take some suggestions to a new piece. I know there are probabally a million of these thread's but i have a few more...questions i guess you can call them

    Well first off I'm looking to spend 300 maybe a little more maybe a little less. Ive seen the sg stemline's and the other pieces you are probably going to recommend. One type of brand I'm very curious about is mobious, their matrix perc's look unbelievable. Also I wouldn't mind looking at and piece's that have some nice color to them I'm sick of plain glass.

    I'd really prefer a glass company that blows nice bongs specifically. Im sick of hitting little bubbler's i want some nice heavy glass. Another possibility was the syn tall shower head ( i like the full better however i believe it costs almost $200 more not worth it in my opinion)

    So these are a few of my opinions going into shopping for this new piece so if you could either correct some of my beliefs about these brands or steer me towards a new one id appreciate it. :smoke:
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    Welcome my friend, there are a-holes imminent in every forum so don't assume you wont get bullied or trolled on, the key is to not take anything personal if the post looks condescending or rude.

    Look at my Grav Labs stemless 5mm(everywhere not just at the top like most bongs that claim to be 5mm) w/ perc, splash guard and ice picks. I paid 216 for mine and it was worth every penny. It will revolutionize the way you smoke and clear a bong, I think it may have one of the fastest clearing times. It could last a lifetime if you watched over it tight. Oh yeah and its 20 inches tall
  3. You've definitely been looking into the right glass around that price range. Sg stemlines are pretty solid, same with the matrix perc tubes. I would also checkout the mobius reti percs, and the Kush Scientific pucklines. The puckline is like the matrix but I've heard it can really rip! I guess it's all preference.
  4. An SG stemline or an EFS donut are probably your best bet for single chamber tubes. Möbius almost got it right with the matrix perc, but it doesn't really utilize enough slits to make it anything special. But the stereo/shower matrix is a different story. If you could get one of those, I would definitely try to

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